What Are the Best HTML5 Games With Good Graphics? Behold Our List!

Getting your favorite Call of Duty or FIFA game installed on your PC or PlayStation console is something usual nowadays, but how about running games directly in the browser? No, we’re not talking about cloud gaming in this case, although that’s another subject that deserves a lot of attention. HTML5 games are under the spotlight for this article!

One of the prejudices regarding HTML5 games is that they have simplistic and obsolete graphics or that these kinds of games are only meant to grant the illusion that time flows faster. In other words, they cannot be anywhere near as exciting as all those demanding games for the hardware components. But is that really the truth? Well, not really!

HTML5 games: the basics

Before finding out some of the most immersive HTML5 games that feature advanced visuals, we first need to know the basics about this technology. HTML5, the latest version of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), is advanced enough to allow developers to build games, thanks to powerful tags such as <audio>, <video>, and a lot more. In other words, HTML5 games will run directly in the browser without the user having to install anything.

HTML5 games also offer the advantage of being highly versatile. In other words, they will work on just about any device that can connect to the internet: laptop, tablet, smartphone, you name it!

The best HTML5 games with impressive graphics

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of HTML5 games out there that have pretty impressive graphics quality. Of course, they won’t look as delightful as the latest Call of Duty, for instance, but you get the point. Check out our list:


Polycraft is an HTML5 game that looks beautiful. But it’s also captivating enough, as it allows you to wander across the map to collect resources, build, complete quests, and engage in battles. The gameplay is also smooth enough to make you crave more.

Gods will be watching

‘Gods will be watching’ is a 3D puzzle game where you get in the shoes of someone who needs to survive for 40 days with his crew in isolation. The members of your team include a dog, a robot, and a psychiatrist. Your mission is to interact with them in the right way to help them remain sane, warm, and fed. Quite a challenge, right?

Escape from XP

‘Escape from XP’ is an immersive action and arcade game where you get to celebrate the end of support for the legendary Windows XP operating system. As a player, your mission will be to save the last developer who got trapped in Clippy’s tyranny. Hordes of XP enemies will come at you with everything they have, which means that this game surely won’t get you bored.


Swooop offers a beautiful 3D world teeming with beautiful colors, and your job is to fly around in an airplane to get your hands on various gems and stars.

Angry Birds

Yes, everybody has heard about Angry Birds already, but how could you possibly not add this title to such a list? It assures endless hours of fun where you get to destroy the pigs’ nest in all sorts of creative ways. Just don’t be afraid to join the challenges and take the birds’ nests back from those demented pigs!

Perhaps any person is a bit reticent when it comes to downloading a favorite app, including video games. That’s one of the biggest reasons why HTML5 games are becoming more and more popular, and there aren’t any signs that their notoriety is slowing down anytime soon!

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