Dumpor: How to View Instagram Posts and Stories


Dumpor is an excellent app since it enables users to check Instagram accounts as well as stories without having to sign up for an Instagram account. The platform is a program based on an algorithm that gives you the ability to monitor your Instagram profile without making it visible to the general public. You can also see and store content from Instagram, including posts, stories, reels, and other types of information. Find out how Dumpor works and how you may put it to use below!

Dumpor – The Essentials

It is generally agreed that Dumpor is one of the most successful Instagram Stalkers. It does not involve any registration; all you need to do is browse the official site, and after that, you can begin quietly surfing your Instagram profile. It is also a site that allows you to view Instagram profiles privately, which is quite cool, and the fact that it is totally free is definitely the best feature. Oh, and the nicest part is that you can search for posts and hashtags within a certain geographical region. Neat!

The Good and the Bad


  • Free and simple to use
  • You are under no obligation to disclose any of your personal or financial information.
  • It is optional to give your Instagram login information.
  • Offers support for a number of different languages


  • Limited customization possibilities
  • Insufficient for the purposes of marketing or business

How to Use the Dumpor App?

The use of Dumpor is not very complicated, as you can see below:

  1. Installing and downloading the Dumpor program may be done via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the app and sign in to your Instagram account to get started.
  3. In order to log in, you will need to supply the requested credentials associated with your Instagram account.

Have fun!

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