What Does the “Pokémon SEX” Hashtag Actually Mean?

When Japanese users discovered that the hashtag “Pokémon SEX” was fast gaining popularity on X, they became frightened and took to the platform to express their concerns. That’s unbelievable! Many people were perplexed by the unexpected trend, asking why these disturbing phrases were becoming a worldwide craze (as you might wonder yourself!). As a matter of fact, the trend left more people than you could imagine, bewildered. The hashtag contains a post that hints at the possibility of a Pokémon game that would be comparable to Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sleep but would have an emphasis on encouraging people to have children.

This thought was the catalyst for the birth of the catchphrase “Pokémon SEX,” which rapidly gained traction as fans eagerly embraced the concept. The message quickly gained tens of thousands of likes and reposts when it was shared online. Totally bonkers!

Some people expressed their thoughts by sharing some extreme statements, such as “Japan’s time as a nation has passed.”

To recall, the hashtag “Pokémon SEX” draws to mind a similar event that took place concerning the video game Pokémon Masters EX. Because of a typo in the promotional campaign, the hashtag “pokemonmastersEX” was mistyped as “pokemonmastersex.” However, doing such a thing was definitely a mistake. But trends are trends, and it evolved soon into a never-ending source of entertainment and shame for its users.

The recent “Pokemon SEX” hashtag has even made some think about things such as Pokémon emerging from eggs based on the player’s “game,” the game providing advice on the advantages of sex, and the addition of a Pokémon Professor investigating Pokémon mating (that’s just gross!). All of these elements were feasible because of the “Pokemon SEX.” Can you believe that?! Some people even considered how playing such a game would influence cheating relationships between married people.

But here’s the thing. It’s possible that the hashtag that’s trending right now has caused many people to raise their eyebrows, while others find it rather interesting and pleasant to have its origins in a made-up storyline connected to Pokémon video games and Japan’s efforts to reduce its birthrate. Crazy!

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