Why Women Kill: How to Watch the New Netflix Series

Netflix has a new exciting TV series that will probably keep you glued to your TV, monitor, or display for hours: it’s called Why Women Kill, and it’s a three-part anthology series that shows the dark side of some of the ladies. Apart from their apparent peaceful nature, some women can sometimes display truly ruthless and sadistic behaviors up to the point of murder. The show displays such scenarios, as it examines the different reasons that a woman can have when choosing to murder someone.

Each of the episodes is narrated by a different woman. For instance, the first episode is entitled ‘House of Secrets,’ and it follows Simone Sinclair as she kills her husband for cheating on her.

In case you’ve never seen the series so far and it has already sparked your interest, you need to know a few ways to watch it. Surely, downloading the series from torrent websites is something totally out of the question, as we’re convinced that none of you would ever do that.

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Netflix or other streaming platforms

‘Why Women Kill’ is a Netflix show, which means that you can use the famous platform to watch it. At the same time, you can choose other streaming platforms to watch the new TV series and find out why women choose to kill sometimes. Hulu and Amazon Prime can also do the trick for you.

Surely, there are personal favorites when we talk about popular streaming platforms, and each of these services has its own advantages and downsides. For instance, although Hulu has a small selection of content, it has a dedicated app that will work on pretty much any device that can go online.

Exclusive subscription services

If you want to watch ‘Why Women Kill’ from the US, you might need access to a subscription to one of these services: Netflix (the one owning the series), CBS All Access, or Hulu.

Interestingly enough, Hulu will release the TV show as an ‘Original,’ meaning that you are also free to watch it on CBS All Access. This will cost you, however, as it’s a subscription service. You will have to pay $5.99 each month.

DVD and Bly-ray

You are free to buy the show on DVD and Blu-ray if that’s what you want. Surely, this might involve a bigger financial investment than in the case of watching the show on a streaming platform, but for a movie and TV show collector, it matters a lot to have a physical copy in his own bookcase or shelf.

Cable/Satellite TV networks

Watching ‘Why Women Kill’ via cable or satellite TV networks is also a good option to consider, even though you might have other options up your sleeve. You can use CBS All Acess directly on the CBS website, for instance, to watch the series. You can also use the CBS app to watch it. All you need is a cable or satellite subscription. Hulu is another interesting alternative if all else somehow fails.

If you want a standard with ads monthly subscription for Netflix, it will cost you $6.99 per month. This subscription plan implies ads as well, which can surely be a major disadvantage. If, on the other hand, you plan to opt for the Standard subscription, it will cost you $15.49 per month, and there are no ads included here. The remaining subscription plan of Netflix that you can choose is the Premium option, which costs $19.99 per month.

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