How to View and Download Instagram Stories: What You Need to Know About Pixwox

A lot of folks enjoy expressing themselves through Instagram Stories, as we’re talking about a social platform that has more than 2.35 billion users who are active on a monthly basis. Sharing your own Story on Instagram can make you become the favorite user of that beautiful colleague you have at work. Surely, you want to impress her, and being active on social media is one of the ways you can achieve your goal.

However, seeing and downloading the Instagram Story of your crush can turn out to be a bit difficult. That’s why there are plenty of mobile apps out there that can help you with that. By using them, you can find out what the girl or boy of your dreams is up to if they’re Instagram users. But wait, isn’t it just about everyone on Instagram these days?


Pixwox is a powerful tool that you can use even without having to share your personal info. While using this software, it is possible to download posts, stories, reels, and various types of media from Instagram.

If you wish to download images and videos from Instagram by using the powers of Pixwox, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Copy the name of the targetted Instagram account
  2. Launch the web browser that you prefer and head over to the website of Pixwox
  3. Type the usernamd of the person whose profile has the story you wish to download or view
  4. Hit the search button
  5. Smash the Download button and wait a few moments for the process to finish.

That’s all! Congrats! Feel free to explore what the app can do and leave your comment below!



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