The Clevo NH70 Gaming Laptop: Check Out Our Review!

Surely, mobile gaming has evolved to an unprecedented level in recent years, as it’s now possible that your smartphone can be just about as powerful as a gaming console. But what can you do if your phone’s battery runs low or you simply can’t play your favorite game on it? There are still lots of high-end titles out there in the gaming world that are simply not compatible with Android or iOS.

The solution is simple: invest in a desktop PC or a gaming laptop that runs on Windows. Thank God, there are lots of options out there to choose from, and today, we have to speak about the Clevo NH70 laptop.

Gaming laptops can sometimes be a lot more efficient than a PlayStation or Xbox console, so let’s find out if that’s the case for Clevo NH70!


When it comes to gaming, it’s mandatory to have a powerful display on your gaming machine. That certainly is the case for the Clevo NH70 laptop, as it features a 17.3-inch FHD display with Full HD resolution (1920×1080). The colors are bright and vibrant, and there’s also an anti-glare coating to get rid of reflections.


Clevo NH70 offers great memory options, all the way to 8GB of DDR4 RAM. If you add more RAM to a laptop, whether you plan to use it for gaming or not, the better. Your laptop will perform better on pretty much any task that you may throw at it. It’s the same when it comes to gaming, as there are lots of titles out there that won’t even start if you don’t have at least 8 gigs of RAM installed on your computer.


As with all modern laptops, the Clevo NH70 relies on SSD technology when it comes to its storage. This laptop model supports all the way to 1TB capacity, although you are free to purchase variants that have less, such as 512GB, 256GB, or even 128GB. However, if you’re a hardcore gamer, you should definitely opt for the 1TB version.

Graphics card

You may have the most RAM memory and the best CPU in town, but they’re useless if you don’t also have a capable graphics card (GPU). Your favorite games just won’t start. NH70 harbors a very impressive NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, which means that it will do its job just fine when it comes to running your favorite games.


The processor (aka CPU) is the brain of any computer. For Clevo’s NH70 laptop, there’s a Core i7-9750H processor, which can do amazing things due to its six cores and impressive processing speeds. Whether you’re into gaming or not, such a processor can surely stand out for you.


It’s pretty frustrating to play your favorite game only for half an hour or an hour and notice that the laptop’s battery has almost completely drained, right? That’s certainly not the case for our laptop. Clevo’s laptop has a pretty impressive battery, as it can provide a maximum of 3 hours of battery life after a full charge. This laptop’s battery comprises four-cell lithium-ion batteries.


Buying the Clevo NH70 laptop is possible at the price of about $1,000. We all have to admit that it’s a pretty decent price, considering the laptop’s high-end capabilities when it comes to gaming. Surely it could have been better, but you also can’t expect a gaming laptop with an NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti graphics card onboard to be as cheap as chips.

Certainly, the Clevo NH70 laptop can be what you need if you’re into gaming. It’s not fabulous, as there are clearly gaming laptops out there that are even better. But it’s still one of the best gaming laptops for its price point.

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