Lenovo Chromebook Doesn’t Turn On: How to Solve the Problem

We get it: you’re not as much into gaming anymore as when you were a child, so you’ve decided to buy yourself a Lenovo Chromebook instead of a regular laptop. Years pass by, and you are now willing to have a powerful device for your work rather than using it for entertainment.

We can’t blame you, as Chromebooks can be much more productive than average laptops sometimes when it comes to work. Chromebooks stand out for their speed and performance, as these devices rely on the lightweight Chrome OS instead of the traditional Windows that we all know.

Suddenly, after many hours that your Lenovo Chromebook has been your close companion, it might just fail to turn on. It happens to numerous devices out there, and guess what? Chromebooks aren’t perfect. Let’s find out why such an awful scenario can happen, shall we?

Why does a Lenovo Chromebook fail to turn on anymore?

A Lenovo Chromebook failing to turn on anymore might be the result of various factors. For the best case scenario, the battery might just be drained, which means that the Chromebook doesn’t have the energy needed to even start. This can be easily fixed by simply plugging your Lenovo Chromebook into a charger.

On the other hand, faulty power adapter or cable, issues with the screen brightness, software issues, outdated operating system, or physical damage could also be possible reasons why your Chromebook fails to turn on.

How to solve the problem of your Lenovo Chromebook failing to turn on

There are plenty of ways to try to get rid of the problem of your Lenovo Chromebook failing to turn on, so feel free to try each of the following methods to see if the issue goes away or not:

Check for software updates

If your Lenovo Chromebook is not working on the latest version of the Chrome OS, technical problems can occur, as well as even the issue of the laptop itself not being able to turn on anymore. That’s because a lot of updates issued by the official company come along with bug fixes that could also address startup problems.

To check your Chromebook for pending updates, you need to head over to the settings menu and select the “Check for updates” option that appears beneath “About Chrome OS.”

Check for physical damage

If your Lenovo Chromebook has any signs of physical damage, such as broken components or a cracked screen, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t turn on anymore. There’s pretty much nothing to do at this point except to contact customer support if the product is still covered by warranty.

Perform a hard reset

Performing a hard reset of your Lenovo Chromebook can also save the day and get your laptop rid of any technical problems, including its inability to turn on. Here’s what you need to do for a hard reset:

  1. Disconnect your Chromebook from its power source.
  2. Hold down the power button for a few seconds.
  3. Release the power button.
  4. Reconnect the Chromebook to your power source and see if the problem has gone away or not.

Contact the customer service

If your laptop still doesn’t want to turn on, it’s time to contact customer service and explain your problem to them. If the product is still covered by a warranty, those guys won’t have any problem fixing it or replacing it if it’s needed.

We need to keep in mind that Chromebooks are also usually cheaper than Windows-based laptops, not to mention MacBooks. Therefore, there could be plenty of reasons why a person would be willing to make the shift from a regular laptop to a Chromebook, but what’s for sure is that these latter devices can also go through plenty of technical problems. It’s the same for any other laptop out there, after all!


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