Facebook Toolkit Can Make Your Life Easier on Social Media

A lot of those who are experts in social media apps claim that the good ol’ Facebook has become obsolete. Apps such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and others are way ahead, they say. One of the reasons they invoke is that, unlike other social media apps, Facebook doesn’t offer a direct way for its users to monetize their content.

But surely there are things out there in life more important than money, and we’re not saying that just to sound modest. Social apps have revolutionized the way we interact with one another, and there are plenty of controversies here. We’re not here to start a new one. Facebook has its importance mainly because a lot of institutions post their announcements on the platform. At the same time, pretty much any event, whether it’s major or not, is announced on Facebook. In other words, we still need Zuckerberg’s platform, and there are even apps out there that can make our use of Facebook much more useful and entertaining than before.

Facebook Toolkit: what is it?

Facebook Toolkit is exactly that type of software app that can ease your life on Facebook. It’s an extension for the Chrome browser, to be more precise.

For instance, Facebook Toolkit can help out those Instagram models who also have a Facebook account and are bombarded with friend requests. When there are too many friend requests to handle, surely it can be very annoying to accept or deny each one at a time. But with Facebook Toolkit, you are free to handle all your friend requests at once with just a click.

At the same time, Facebook Toolkit (which is also known as multiple tools for Facebook) can help you out if you want to send a message to everyone from your list of friends. Instead of picking each of those from your list and sending the message, Facebook Toolkit allows you to send the message to all of them simultaneously. This can be very useful when you wish to send a wedding invite to all the people from your list of friends, for instance.

The Facebook Toolkit extension won’t even ask you to log into your Facebook account.

How to use Facebook Toolkit

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you’re using Google Chrome on your PC, as other browsers are not compatible with Facebook Toolkit since we’re talking about an extension for Chrome. Therefore, if you like using Microsoft Edge, for instance, make sure to move all your bookmarks and passwords to Chrome.

The next obvious step is to get your hands on the Facebook Toolkit extension. You can do so by searching for the extension in Chrome’s list of extensions. You need to press the Add to Chrome button. The extension will easily install on your browser, and the user interface is extremely deductible.

There are tons of powerful features on the Facebook Toolkit that will make your life easier as a Facebook user. You can even use it to block certain people from sending you messages, as we all know that nobody likes these days to accept messages that don’t tell them only what they like to hear and read.

An interesting fact about the Facebook Toolkit is that, at first, this extension was launched only for those who use Facebook for business purposes. But it’s great to see that the devs have thought about extending their extension to other types of users, and, who knows, perhaps Facebook Toolkit will become even better in the near future!

Feel free to tell us about your own experience while using the Facebook Toolkit extension for Google Chrome, as the comment section is available!

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