What Are the Most Successful Topics on YouTube to Consider Before Starting Your Own Channel?

Perhaps you’ve read our previous article on top tips for becoming famous on YouTube, and you’ve finally decided to go for the challenge. Or perhaps you just want to learn more about being a YouTuber in 2023. Either way, this article is for you!

Before you start making your videos to publish them on YouTube, it’s crucial to make it clear right from the start what main field you’ll be covering. Surely, it’s also important to speak in your videos about a subject that you’re truly passionate about; otherwise, your goal will become very difficult and frustrating. If you’re good at chess, for instance, go ahead and upload videos on YouTube about chess strategies and interviews with great chess players, for instance.

But let’s say you want to be a trendy YouTuber. Whether we like it or not, chess is not exactly a trendy topic, as the majority of people out there find the game boring, too difficult, or both. Let’s find out which are some of the most burning topics on YouTube that you can cover:

Tutorials and How-Tos:

Numerous people go to YouTube to learn how to do something, from installing a Windows operating system and how to cook an egg in a frying pan. There are tutorials and how-tos on just about any topic you can imagine on the famous platform, and you are free to provide your own contribution as long as you have enough knowledge on a specific topic.

For instance, if you’re good at programming/web development, you could make tutorials on thousands and thousands of ideas related to those fields. You can teach people how to create specific apps, games, and structures, or you can even go for the basic information, such as how to build a for loop in JavaScript.


The vast majority of people out there of all ages have played video games at least once. Therefore, feel free to upload game reviews or videos about specific games in which you can teach people how to pass a mission, find a specific weapon, defeat a boss, and so on.

You can also opt for a more casual type of content when it comes to gaming, such as bringing a friend along and video recording your gameplay while competing one against another in EA FC 24. You can even video record yourself as you play the game to teach people how to defeat the bigger teams with much weaker ones, for instance. It’s no exaggeration to say that a lot of people enjoy watching gameplay videos on YouTube. In other words, you can make money on YouTube as you play your favorite games. What else could be more exciting?

There are gaming videos about just about anything from this field on YouTube, so go ahead and speculate that chance if you’re also a gamer!

Product reviews

Let’s say you’re passionate about buying action figures. Even adults collect such products just for fun, to keep them on a shelf, and, of course, to make money on YouTube by reviewing them. You can also be one of those guys if you have such a hobby.

Nowadays, before deciding to buy something, people usually head over to YouTube to see a review. It’s absolutely normal, as those guys from the store might not be willing to give you all the information about a specific product that you need, especially if you don’t know how to formulate your inquiries.

On the other hand, while not everybody is good at tech, everybody needs it. Everybody wants to have a smartphone, a laptop, or a washing machine nowadays. Guess how you can benefit from that? Surely, you can go ahead and make a YouTube channel about reviewing, presenting, and unboxing smartphones, for instance. It can be very easy and pleasant, as a lot of guys have such content on YouTube already, and you can draw some inspiration from them, eventually.

Make sure to always make your product reviews as objective and honest as possible. If you’re successful, you might not even be forced to spend money on products anymore, as companies might contact you to review their product for them. They’ll gladly lend you their products and maybe even let you keep some of them as a collaboration gift.

Educational content

Let’s say you know how to play the piano very well or you’re into history. Feel free to make a YouTube channel about presenting historical events or lessons on how to play the piano. People nowadays reach over to YouTube to learn something much faster than they go to a professional in real life, who they need to pay to learn something. Do you know why? Because the first variant is much easier and cheaper! Learning to cook from YouTube, for instance, can be much easier, as long as the owner of the channel does his job well, than going for a course in real life that you also have to pay for.

Let’s also not forget that for some people, real human interaction can be a burden that is too big, while learning from YouTube can be a lot more comfortable.

There are guys on YouTube who present history in an amusing way. If you’re into history and you want to know more about what happened in the past, surely following such channels can become addicting. However, those who present historical content on YouTube should always mention the sources they had for the content they provided.

Comedy and sketches

Let’s say you have a wild imagination, and most of your friends see you as a funny guy or gal. Well, why wouldn’t you make a YouTube channel based on your humor? You can present the latest news in a humorous way, make parodies of movies or anime, comment on various political news and satirize famous people that you don’t like, and so much more.

Also, perhaps you’re a professional stand-up comedian, and you make some dough after performing in bars. Why wouldn’t you upload those videos on YouTube as well to make even more money for your own content?


Fitness and physical exercises have helped us stay healthy over the years, which means that a lot of people access YouTube to find such content. If you’re a gym leader, a gym workaholic, or you are simply passionate about weights and fitness in general, go ahead and build a YouTube channel on your hobby! You can teach people how to perform specific exercises in the gym, what supplements to take, or inform them about various diet plans. Why not try to make money on something you like at the same time?


You might have seen on YouTube people sharing their experiences of how they became Christians after many years of being atheists, for instance. If you have a similar testimony and you don’t have a problem exposing it in front of others, why wouldn’t you share it with the world as well on YouTube? But beware, as making anything up in your videos will likely result in people noticing it sooner or later. Don’t be that kind of person, as nobody likes liars.

Regardless of what kind of content you choose to have on YouTube, one of the most important tips is to always try to make people laugh. Everybody enjoys a good laugh while also trying to learn something, so don’t be that grumpy fellow nobody likes!

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