Discord Doesn’t Work on Android Anymore: How to Solve the Problem

A lot of those who are passionate about gaming need to keep in touch with one another frequently in order to establish their next big mission, some good gameplay strategies, and so on. Let’s put it this way: playing GTA Online is no child’s play if you want to compete with others, which means that collaborating with your teammates is a ‘must.’ That’s why apps such as Discord exist, to facilitate the process.

People use Discord for various reasons, whether we’re talking about gaming communication, voice and video calls, community building, bot integration, cross-platform availability, file sharing, and more. But from time to time, just like any other software app out there, Discord can also stop working on Android phones.

What can you do in such a case other than throw your phone out the window? Such an action clearly isn’t rational or efficient. There are much more peaceful ways to deal with the situation and even to get rid of the problem, such as:

Restart the phone

Believe it or not, the simple act of restarting your Android phone can get you rid of a lot of technical problems with both software apps and the device itself, including the Discord app. This action will refresh the phone’s core mechanisms, as well as those allowing for apps to function.

Check the internet connection

If your internet connection isn’t good enough, don’t be surprised if Discord or any other app on your phone that needs to go online stops working. There are lots of reasons why an internet connection isn’t good enough, such as the position of the router, a loose cable, outdated gear, and many more.

Update the app

Outdated apps can often manifest functionality issues or not even launch at all. It’s also the case for Discord, but guess what? App updates can often solve technical issues, as that’s their main purpose. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your hands on the latest Discord update as soon as it becomes available, as it could solve your problem once and for all. You can simply wait for the update to reach you or head over to the app’s official website to see if there is any update up for grabs.

Clear cache

Clearing the cache of an app can also get you rid of plenty of technical problems, as that will make apps get rid of unnecessary files that may interfere with their functionality. Feel free to clear the cache of the Discord app from the software’s settings menu and see if your problem has been solved or not.

Reinstall Discord

Reinstalling apps can usually get you rid of their technical issues, and Discord is no exception to the rule. It’s simple, and you can do it rapidly. Simply uninstall the app from your phone’s menu and then head over to the Google Play Store to download the app again.

Check for system updates

Even if your Discord app has the latest update installed and running, guess what else could cause the software to stop working? That’s right: your own Android system if it hasn’t been updated to the latest version! Therefore, feel free to grab the latest Android update if there is one available, and check the Discord app once again to see if the issue persists.

As a last resort, you can also contact Discord’s customer support and ask them to help you. It’s in their best interest to lend you a helping hand, after all, so try to have some faith in them and don’t just act skeptical!

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