Top Ways to Escape the Police in GTA 5

Even though we finally know for sure that GTA 6 is coming in 2025 due to the highly-anticipated game’s first trailer, the good-old GTA 5, its predecessor, never gets old. Numerous people still enjoy getting in the shoes of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin to wreak havoc on the streets of Los Santos.

There are lots of fun activities that a gamer can do in GTA 5. He can roll over pedestrians with a tank or a car, destroy police cars, do side missions, turn into animals, and a lot more. But perhaps the most fun activity in the game is to see how long you can run away from the police and how you can escape a high wanted level. Guess what? It’s completely feasible to lose a 5-star wanted level completely in GTA 5 without using any cheat codes. It’s actually very simple as long as you know what you’re doing! Here’s how:

Jump on a train

Simply running away from the police while you’re in a vehicle won’t do the trick, as those cops will go after you no matter where you go and eventually destroy your car. You might have a chance to escape if you have a super fast car, but there’s a much more efficient way to get rid of the police in GTA 5. You need to jump in a train car and press X to duck. That train will still be under the spotlight for the police, but not for too long if it’s in motion. In just a few minutes, while you remain ducked in that train car, the wanted level will disappear, even if it’s a 5-star level.

Use off-road areas

Jumping on a car with big wheels and using the off-road areas is also a good way to escape the police in GTA 5, even if you have a 5-star wanted level. There are plenty of off-road vehicles in the game that will work just great on such a field, so feel free to look for them and put our method to the test!

Hide in buildings

There are plenty of buildings and warehouses in GTA 5 where you can hide from the police and wait for your wanted level to disappear. Just remain there hidden and quiet for a few minutes, and the police will stop looking for you. Of course, this method won’t work if the police have seen you entering that building, which means that you have to go there while being unnoticed by the cops.

Go through tunnels

There are also plenty of tunnels in GTA 5 as well, and engaging in a long trip along one can get you rid of those pesky cops as well.

Use Lester’s services

Do you know Lester, that weird guy who looks like a dork and stays at the PC all the time? Well, he might look goofy, but he can surely save Your Highness from the police for just a small fee. Of course, you need to first unlock Lester’s services in order for this method to work.

In the end, it may not always be possible to get rid of the police in GTA 5 using the methods mentioned above. It’s always a good idea to bring out a rocket launcher and shoot those helicopters down, at least to gain a little space.

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