WhatsApp Works On Adding A “Vacation Mode” In WhatsApp on iOS and Android

Evidently, in more than one occasion, it has bothered you that, in WhatsApp, all the archived or silenced conversations are still shown inside the application even when we express our intentions to ignore those chats. Well, everything indicates that the devs are now working to create a so-called “vacation mode” in WhatsApp where this issue¬†would be solved out.

According to WaBetaInfo, a site that specializes in digging into the messaging app, WhatsApp is testing the beta version of a feature called “vacation mode.”

This new feature discovered in the application code could put an end to the before-mentioned annoying problem.

By enabling this feature, all archived chats will remain on the phone but will not show you any more notifications. With this, you will be able to rest until you decide to answer them again.

WhatsApp works on adding a “vacation mode” in WhatsApp on iOS and Android

For example, you can use this option for your muted groups, as that’s one of the main reasons why the upcoming “vacation mode” in WhatsApp has been developed. In essence, its job would be to¬†archive muted groups, and thanks to “vacation mode” you’ll not receive any notifications from archived chats, too.

The so-called “vacation mode” in WhatsApp is also useful if you don’t want to receive notifications from a specific contact in your chat list. If you mute it and archive it, you’ll never see it again, unless when you access your archived chats and groups.

While the new feature is expected to start on WhatsApp version for iOS, Android users won’t have to wait long to take advantage of this feature. According to WaBetaInfo, this new “vacation mode” in WhatsApp would be implemented on iSO devices as a beta, as the release in the full version is still a mystery.

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