Brawl Stars: Guide to Unlock Big Boxes and Win Star Tokens

Supercell is already known for the famous Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, but their new game released this month, Brawl Stars, is hot right now. In a recent article, we shared a few tips on how to win battles and get on top, but now let’s talk about the rewards that really bring a sense of accomplishment.

First of all, Brawl Stars is a free to play mobile game, which comes with many features and a lot of content like different modes, tactics, characters, and abilities. That means you will need to upgrade your players and for this thing, you will need to collect some resources.

To upgrade your characters and unlock boxes, you will need Star Tokens. These tokens will unlock the Big Box loot crate which contains a bigger loot than the regular boxes. You only need 10 Star Tokens to unlock a Big Box.

But to do that, you first need the tokens, and here is how to get them.

How to Get Star Tokens in Brawl Stars?

If you reach one of these following achievements, you can get Star tokens as rewards.

You must win a 3v3 event or be in the top 4 in a Solo Showdown event or the top 2 in a Duo Showdown event.

As soon as you win, you will get the Star Token and wait for the event to refresh so that you can get another Star Token as soon as you complete it. Some events have a faster refresh rate, while others refresh in 24 hours, but if you complete achievements in multiple events, in 24 hours you can get more than a Star Token.

The Brawl Stars Big Box Loot

As for the Big Box, it contains rare loot – even powerful characters that are more effective in specific modes. There are free loot boxes called Brawl Boxes, that you can get a few times per day. You can unlock them with standard Tokens, but the content is not as impressive as the one in the Big Boxes.

Players must spend money to open more Big Boxes, but even though Brawl Stars feels like it’s a pay-to-win-game, you can unlock a Big Box as soon as you gather the resources.

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