VidMate 3.5909 APK Comes With New Tweaks

If you were wondering what was VidMate’s latest update, then this is where you will find the answer. The latest VidMate APK has just been released by the developers. We have covered the patch notes and all the information you need to download the update.

VidMate 3.5909 APK

The latest build number for the APK VidMate is “3.5909” and it was launched on 15 December. You can download the update for free from the VidMate website.

Nonetheless, installing an APK format update on a smartphone requires a few things such as having the Android operating system.

APKs must be installed manually and the update do not roll over the air, so you must also do it yourself. Go to the settings panel and enable the “Unknown Sources” option. Got to the website, download the update, and install it on your smartphone.

VidMate 3.5909 APK Features

Unfortunately, other than software stabilization and tweaks for a smooth run, this APK update is nothing more than a maintenance update. However, this means that the VidMate will run much better than before.

Why Downloading VidMate?

Have you ever wanted to re-watch videos but had no internet connection, bad signal, limited data or no Wi-Fi? Then VidMate is your… mate! You can download a collection of videos from YouTube and watch them offline.

And it is not just YouTube, you can also get tunes from SoundCloud and listen them offline. You can even download clips from Instagram for later watching with this amazing app.

VidMate also comes with far more features and it has a friendly user interface anyone can easily use. It is definitely an app you should try when you are planning a long trip and have limited access to the internet.

Check out here more details about this app and what it can do. We have also made some lists here and here with alternatives for this app.

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