Best VidMate Alternatives: What to Download Next?

VidMate is great but it may not have all the features that you need. Look below for a list of popular alternatives to VidMate that offer a variety of features and options


Allavsoft is great program for Windows users that need a robust way to download and convert videos. The program supports a variety of websites, including popular platforms like Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube and others. Unlike other solutions Allavsoft will charge $19.99 per license code but it packs a selection of useful features and it also receives constant updates.


Keepvid allows users to quickly convert their favorite YouTube videos by using either the webpage or a dedicated Android app. Keepvid will also divide the content you are looking for into two categories: copyright protected and copyright-free, in order to protect you from breaking the Terms and Conditions imposed by the popular video platform.


InsTube allows Android users to download their favorite content from several platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. It is able to save the files in several formats. Downloading files is a simple process as the features a built-in browser that allows users to quickly find their favorite content. Simply tap on the download icon next to the video and the process will start.


Downtube simplifies the task of downloading your desired file. After installing the app, users can browse the YouTube app as usual. When they find something of interest all they have to do is to tap the share button and select Downtube from the list. A window will open and after choosing the desired quality the download will start.


Last but not least is Tubex. This app only supports YouTube but it allows users to select older formats like 3GP, a trait that makes it particularly good for older devices.

While all of these apps allow you to download content from a variety of platforms, users should opt for a VPN solution that can be used in tandem. Certain content may be completely free but most videos and songs are protected by copyright law. A VPN will allow users to do what they please as the ISP and other third-parties will not be able to monitor data traffic and other actions.

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