Best Vidmate Alternatives For Downloading Videos

Vidmate is the most popular online video downloader for Android. Even though Vidmate comes with convenient features and excellent stability, there are some other video downloaders for Android devices which are as powerful as Vidmate. Here are the best Vidmate alternatives for downloading videos.

More About Vidmate

Vidmate is an excellent video downloader, created with a very user-friendly GUI and built-in search engine and a multimedia player to ease up the user experience. Vidmate permits users to download videos from the most famous platforms on the Internet, such as  Facebook, Instagram, LiveLeak, DailyMotion, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and many more.

Best Vidmate Alternatives For Downloading Videos


TubeMate is another popular video downloader which is quite similar to Vidmate in many aspects. It also boasts excellent features, its own built-in multimedia player, and a search engine to look for all your favorite movies within the app and on all the supported platform at a time.


Instube is similar to Vidmate and TubeMate, and, according to its devs, it allows users to download videos from more than 1,000 online video streaming services, including some of the most popular ones such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and SoundCloud, among others. It also permits users to download only the soundtrack of videos in MP3 format for users to complete their music library for free.


SnapTube is one of the best Vidmate alternatives for Android. It boasts a similar interface to Vidmate, TubeMate, and Instube, and it even comes with a built-in multimedia players, a search engine for videos, and a lot of other features, more or less similar to those of the other video downloaders.


In conclusion, TubeMate, Instube, and SnapTube are the best Vidmate alternative for downloading videos from all the major streaming platforms on the Internet. You can use any of them to download your favorite videos and watch them offline.

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