WhatsApp in 2019: PiP Mode, Dark Mode and New Improvements

Ever since we first found out about WhatsApp, we’ve seen how it became so popular. In 2018 it got so many new features, but the question is what are we going to see in 2019? You’re about to find out from this article.

The PiP mode for videos

Last year, WhatsApp released the Picture-in-Picture mode for videos. The feature let users to see the shared videos from Facebook or YouTube directly in the app, with the help of a floating window. The best part is that users were able to enjoy the video and talk to the person.

Fingerprint lock and unlock

Ever since Facebook bought WhatsApp, there have been some privacy concerns. The team behind the app is trying to solve this problem, by introducing fingerprint authorization for the app, which means that you’ll have to authenticate your identity every single time you open the app. If that verification fails, the app will ask for a certain passcode or password to unlock the app.

Dark mode

Everyone is waiting for this feature. It will just make your life easier, as it will reduce the strain on your eyes whenever you use the app is a darker place. And it improves the life of the battery, too, for those of you who have OLED screen.

Preview of the media

This feature is supposed to let people preview the media files directly from the notification tray. If you wanted to see a photo, you had to open the app. With media preview, there’s a whole other story.

Consecutive voice messages

With this one, you’ll have to tap on each voice message sent, if you want to listen to what you said in those messages. However, with the new update, you won’t have to do all the tapping anymore, as the app will automatically start playing the next one as soon as the chosen one is finished.

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