Top Skyrim Mods on PC: Graphics Improvements

As we have mentioned in our Top Skyrim Mods on PC: Installing Guide, there are many mods you will need to get to make The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim feel like a completely awesome experience. In the previous article, we added a few important apps that you will need to get to make sure the following mods work. As soon as you got that covered, we can now pick our top Graphics mods on PC for Skyrim.

Here is a list with the best mods that improve the graphics in Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition.

1. Static Mesh Improvement Mod

The most important mod you must have first is this one which will make the game look a lot nicer by adding many 3D models, completing some of the next mods.

2. Skyrim HD

This texture mod adds more than 600 textures that will make everything from the sky to the mountains and the hovels look spectacular. There are two versions – one of them is the 1K resolution ‘lite’ version for PCs that are not too powerful. You can use the other version and choose just cities, landscapes, dungeons or other packs you think would be more important. This mod is only for the old Skyrim. The next one is for the Special Edition.

3. Skyrim 2018 Textures

This mod is basically the same as the previous one but built for the Special Edition. The 2018 version is only one file, whereas the 2017 one is modular. You can try the older version if you want to choose certain packs and if you want some files that haven’t been added to 2018’s version.

4. RealVision ENB

This mod will tweak colors, lighting and post-processing at the cost of performance, but it shouldn’t use too much if your PC is not eight years old.

5. SkyrimSE Re-Engaged ENB

Skyrim Special Edition also has a post-processing mod like Skyrim’s RealVision ENB, and it’s this one which comes in seven presets that would work perfectly with a weather mod. Adjustments are also possible.

6. Skyrim Flora Overhaul and Simply Bigger Trees

Now off to some environment overhaul. Since Skyrim is filled with forests, this mod will make it more dramatic by adding more high-quality tree models, more grasses and plants – all worth it when it comes to losing a few frames in exchange for an imposing environment.

You can pair this mod with a mod called Simply Bigger Trees to make the forests look more striking.

7. Realistic Water Two

The mod does exactly what it says: it makes pools, coasts, rivers, lakes and any body of water look different, adding small touches to icebergs and improving any H2O piece of the game.

8. Better Roads

The roads in Skyrim will look awesome with this mod. They will get more character and a few touches according to the lore. Bridges are more different, there are more walls and fences, and everything matches the architecture of that area. You can now take a stroll in Skyrim and enjoy the view with Better Roads in the mod library.

9. Climates of Tamriel

Last but not least, Climates of Tamriel (featured image) will make the weather in Skyrim less boring. It will add weather and lighting in hundreds of different variants – from sunny mornings to storms and cataclysm. It will not only come with the visual tweaks but also with some audio additions. Pair the mod with SkyrimSE Re-Engaged ENB for best results.

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