Top Skyrim Mods on PC: NPCs, Followers and Monsters Part I

Have you ever felt that, although complex, Skyrim still needs more unique NPCs?

Last time we talked about graphics improvement and how to install mods in Skyrim. These next mods featured today are focusing on immersive and interesting new content.

Combine the following mods with these ones that add a huge amount of Weapons, Armors and more!

Interesting NPCs

This mod will fill Skyrim with more than 250 characters that come with a unique background, a schedule, and their own dialogues.

Some are marriage prospects; others are quest givers or followers. The followers come with unique commentaries, questlines or insights.

Immersive Citizens

With this mod, NPCs will feel a little brighter when it comes to being attacked, facing bad weather or realistic responses to other things according to who they are. They will receive the survival instinct feature which will let NPCs think threats through and act if needed.

Immersive Patrols

The factions which are at war in Skyrim are not really fighting too much, but this mod adds more patrols, raider patrols and warbands clash in some areas. It adds forts and territory is being reclaimed after the battles end.

Skyrim feels like a world that keeps on changing, even if you don’t get involved in it.

Run For Your Lives

When NPCs are attacked by magical monsters like dragons or vampires, they will run to the closest inn or their home where they are safe. This will be extra helpful when your mission is to save an idiot that wants to fight a dragon all by himself. The only NPCs that will go against monsters will be Guards and Warrior Guild members.

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Who doesn’t love chattier NPCs when all you do is revisit this bartender, and she says the same thing over and over again? With this mod, you will hear more than 5,000 lines of reactive dialogue – fully voiced.

You will now know that NPCs think and see them realistically react. Followers will also talk to you according to their relationship with you – if you travel with your spouse, they will talk to you like a husband or wife and not like any other follower.

Keep your eyes peeled for Part II, where we will talk about better Horses, Follower Tweaks, new creatures, and how you can transform into a Werebear!

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