Top Skyrim Mods on PC: Installing Guide

If you loved The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there is no reason why you shouldn’t play it again but this time with mods. Over the past seven years, many mods have appeared, and while some were way too exaggerated, many have become a must for the game. Most of the best mods were ported for this version and the Skyrim Special Edition.

We made a list with Top Skyrim Mods on PC, but there are so many mods you can choose for the game that we have to write a series of articles to help you pick only the best ones when it comes to graphics, new and immersive creatures, better NPCs or followers, weapon and armor mods, town mods, survival mods and so on.

Before we carry on to these mods, you should first learn how to install them, so this article will focus only on what you need to make Skyrim work with all the mods you’re about to add.

Installing Skyrim Mods

First of all, clean install Skyrim and start a new game. Play the game a little until you can create a save and use it from time to time for testing the mods. Start with only a few mods so that when something looks wrong, you can easily pinpoint the problem.

1. Nexus Mod Manager

It’s best to get a manager for the mods, even if you only want to install a few. Nexus Mod Manager is the best one so far – if you have used it for other games, then you know how to use it for Skyrim.

2. Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Get the Unofficial Skyrim Patch – which gets continuous updates and fixes all the bugs in Skyrim.


When you use several mods in tandem, even if some of them are compatible, they sometimes fail because they are not in the correct order when they load. LOOT will solve this and many other issues like showing you errors from mods that don’t work. Before you test these mods in-game, run LOOT to save you some time.

4. Skyrim Script Extender

You will see that some important mods will not work without this app that works with both editions of the game and ports the mods over. After getting the Skyrim Script Extender, you must launch Skyrim with the script extender and not from Steam. Connect Skyrim Script Extender to the Nexus Mod Manager, and you can launch the game from the.EXE.

5. Achievements Mods Enabler

You can’t earn achievements in Skyrim Special Edition if you use mods, but with this mod, you can enable achievements.

As we have mentioned before, stay close as we post the next Top Skyrim Mods on PC article, where we’ll talk about graphics improvement.

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