Top Skyrim Mods on PC: NPCs, Followers and Monsters Part II

If you checked our Top Skyrim Mods on PC: NPCs and Followers and Monsters Part I, you probably wondered what will the next part feature. There are still more tweaks for the followers and your character.

Amazing Follower Tweaks

If you like to travel in a group, get this mod and have some fun with up to five followers. Amazing Follower Tweaks lets you organize your followers, their equipment, lets you give them orders, and you can even turn them into vampires or werewolves. With an army of unstoppable beings, you will feel like a god!

Immersive Creatures

Maybe you’re done with killing dragons, so you need more monsters or creatures that want to fight you. This mod will throw at you goblin tribes and deadly nightmarish creatures which you can tweak to your liking – remove some or change the difficulty from the menu.

Simply Better Movement Speed

This mod has boosted walking speed and made running a little slower. It’s very helpful in cities and villages when you can wander on foot faster. For long journeys, use this mod with Convenient Horses to get the full benefit.

Convenient Horses

The name of the mod doesn’t give this awesome helper enough justice. You won’t just be able to interact with the world while riding a horse – loot, harvest, talk, but you will also be able to train the horses, have your followers mount their own horses. You will also receive faction quests to get horse equipment, and you will also get crafting and an encumbrance system.

Moonlight Tales

If you like transforming and tearing up people apart in Skyrim, then this mod is for you. Moonlight Tales boosts werewolves, replaces the perk tree and adds new abilities, letting you force lunar transformations and even become a werebear

And that’s not all! You can also customize it because it comes with different skin choices.

Don’t forget that there is a lot more content like weapons and armors in these mods.

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