New to Pokémon Go? Check These Tips and Tricks To Start Your Pokémon Adventure

When Niantic Labs launched the game in 2016, Pokémon Go took the world by storm, and it still is popular, thanks to all the new things added and new events that keep us GO-ing to catch them all.

If you have not played Pokémon Go until now, here are some tips and tricks to begin your adventure.

1. Get Pikachu!

The first thing you do when you begin the game you will see that it makes you walk around and choose a Pokémon when it appears. You will see three classic Pokémon: Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

Ignore them and keep walking until Pikachu appears on the screen. Catch it, and then you will have to look for the others in the wild.

2. Get Many Duplicates

Don’t worry about all the Pidgey and Rattata you see all over again. Catch as many duplicates as you can, and you will get XP and Pokémon Candy. To level up a Pokémon, you will need Candies, and you can go to Professor Willow and trade your duplicate Pokémon for a Candy.

3. Go to Pokestops Regularly

If you can, visit Pokestops often to gain Pokeballs, Berries and other things. Any landmark, piece of urban art, shopping center or pub is a Pokestop where you spin for items. That is a place where you can drop a lure to get 30 minutes of an increased spawn of Pokémon where you can gain XP.

4. Do Not Power Up Pokémon

You can power up your Pokémon, but do not do it on lower CP Pokémon. Level your avatar, and you will see that stronger Pokémon will spawn on the map, so you do not need to waste all that Candy and Stardust to power them up.

If you want to begin battles at Pokémon Gyms, this is the best strategy to keep your resources and build a strong Pokémon team.

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