Best Minecraft Mods: Creative and Inspiring Mods

Many Minecraft players love the creative part of the game, and these following mods will add a lot more content to help you build spectacular worlds! Check them out below and if you’re interested in tweaking the interface, check out this article filled with the best Interface Mods.

Bacteria Mod

Let’s start with something weird like this mod which will let you cultivate types of bacteria. Each type will do a task – it can be creative or destructive, and you will find out when you experiment it. Just try not to let it spread, or you could destroy your base!


If you want pretty blocks like shelves, display cases, and even a printing press to add in your mansion, then you need this mod.

You will also get a monocle to feel like a true gentleman… or uhm lady?

Carpenter’s Blocks

Talking about mansions and decorating them, you will love this mod. It will give you all the nice touches like slopes, buttons, flowerpots, torches and a lot more than that, all customizable with any texture from other blocks.

Chisel 2

Constructing has never been this great with Chisel 2 which has 24 cobblestone textures and many alternative textures for the default blocks in the game.


You can craft chairs, bowls, bottles, tables, lamps, beer kegs, stuffed toys, a kitchen sink and more with this mod. It has so much content that you will need to go to its Wiki page and see the options.

Now you can pair this mod with Chisel 2, Bibliocraft and Carpenter’s Blocks to get that ultimate mansion!

Pam’s HarvestCraft

Outside that awesome mansion of yours, you should have a huge garden, a lake, and many trees. With Pam’s HarvestCraft you will be able to have more than 1,100 foods and items – crops, fish, vegan food, over 30 types of fruits and trees from which you can harvest!

Pig Manure

You might wonder why you need pig poo in Minecraft. It’s a resource you can use to fertilize your crops. You can also fire the manure in a furnace and create bricks to build a house.

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