Best Minecraft Mods: New Exploration Worlds

The world of Minecraft is huge, but this only means that it’s perfect to be filled with a ton of content!

Last weeks we talked about Creative and Inspiring Mods, these stunning and must-have Interface Mods and we also have a guide on how to install them or which is the best mod manager for Minecraft.

Today we will check out new worlds for the adventurer in you. Prepare for awesome new worlds!

Biomes O’Plenty

Just like the name suggests, Biomes O’Plenty offers 80 biomes and 12 sub-biomes to wander and gasp at them – you’ll get to see the Alps! This mod also adds some other content to help you survive: tools, armor, food, color, and extra blocks.


This mod offers a world with everything made of candy. And when we say everything, we mean it. You will see sugar-coated critters – which you must kill, of course. You have marshmallow tools and honeycomb armor. It doesn’t get sweeter than this!


With this mod, you will travel through the entire solar system and be able to colonize it. The mod will make you gather all the things you need for the ship so that you can fly from Earth. You get a series of missions with rewards. Think of moonbase, improving the spaceship and fighting mobs on Mars.


Talking about mobs, the LotsOMobs mod will add 25 new mobs to the Minecraft world to make it more realistic. Prepare to see giraffes, narwhal, elephants, seagulls, and dinosaurs with this mod!


To explore the world, you must be prepared for what lays ahead, and you cannot do it without the overhauled bow. Here’s the Quiverbow, a mod that will add not just improved classic weapons, but also snow cannons, firework launchers and more!

Stay close for the next Best Minecraft Mods article where we will write about automation mods.

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