Best Minecraft Mods: Automation Mods

We know you have been waiting to see some more lists of our top Minecraft mods. Last time we talked about the new worlds you could explore. Before that, we presented a list with Creative and Inspiring Mods and Interface Mods. There is also this easy to follow guide on how to install the mods or which is the best mod manager for Minecraft.

Now we will focus on automation mods that will let you set up a factory for mining, and you can even build a nuclear reactor!

Progressive Automation

Add automated devices to everything. You can upgrade each machine as you progress so you don’t have to rebuild as you progress.

Rope Bridge Mod

If you are a hiker in Minecraft, then you need this mod that will give you a grappling gun. Aim it from a mountain peak, and it will build a bridge towards another mountain. You can get creative with it and build fortresses up in the trees.

Big Reactors

With this mod, you can be a nuclear engineer and build reactors which can be configured to give you all the energy you need for other industrial mods. It works perfectly with the ComputerCraft mod, which lets you program and monitor the power station from afar.


This mod will let you tunnel and dig automatically, leaving you all the time you want to explore, kill mods and upgrade your house. You must build it yourself, but once it’s done, the automated tunneling machine will do all the labor for you. You can even upgrade the drill head to get special materials.

ComputerCraft and RFTools

ComputerCraft adds fully-programmable computers and peripherals into Minecraft, and RFTools will let you monitor and maintain these computers and the power network. Both are a must for any type of automated base you plan on building.

Check back for our next mod where we will show you all the expansive mods for Minecraft which take the game to a whole new level.

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