Best Minecraft Mods: Expansive Mods

The Minecraft world is full of possibilities, but you can make them infinite with the best mods that add new worlds for exploration, automation to your machines, there are also creative and inspiring Mods and interface Mods.

Here’s a useful guide on how to install the mods you want to try out.

The largest mods from our tops are these next ones that are so big that they came in a mudpack to save you time installing each mod. It is best recommended that you try one mudpack at the time and once you finish it, try the other, and so on.

Draconic Evolution

If you’ve done everything there was in the vanilla Minecraft and want new better gear and some challenging mobs, get this mod which will add new top-tier weapons and armor, a huge chest to use for crafting, teleporters, a weather manipulation system, mob spawners and anything worth for a Survival mode master.


This mod comes with new tech that will use pressurized air for many machines, also adding machines and options in the mechanical and automation department.


Now onto a laidback mod which adds more than 100 hats for you, which you’ll have to find on mobs around the booth. Imagine one wearing a sombrero!

Minefactory Reloaded

Talking about tech, this mod is the best one that will add a ton of machines and devices to make almost everything automated. It works amazingly with many of the automation mods we mentioned in our previous article.

Simply Jetpacks

Everyone needs a jetpack! Use Redstone Flux to power your jetpack and soar into the wide skies to cover the map faster. If you happen to fall, jetpacks that are of a higher level will negate fall damage.


Experience the industrial revolution in Minecraft, where you no longer need to build with your hands. You’ll see automated quarries, auto-crafting tables and produce your items a lot faster.


The last two mods will add a little magic to your game. This one lets you tap the magic energy from various items in the game to create powerful wands, golems that will obey you, items infused with essence and different tools.

Blood Magic

Meanwhile, this magical mod will add some dark magic to Minecraft. Think rituals, gathering power from the blood of the mobs, and eventually using that life essence at a Blood Altar to craft items like the Dagger of Sacrifice. That’s so dark!

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