Best Minecraft Mods: How to Install Them?

Which are the best mods for Minecraft and how do we install them?

These questions have been around for many generations. Since the game was first released, it began pouring with Minecraft mods. But how do you choose the best when you want to tweak your gaming experience?

We have got you covered for the next few weeks with a series of Minecraft mods that will improve the interface, mods that will add more content in creative, exploration, automation and expansive areas.

For now, today we will first focus on how to install them because there are a few options you must take into consideration.

Installing Minecraft Mods

As with all mods for games, there is a specific method for each installation. This time around, Minecraft does not really have a mod manager like Skyrim, but this doesn’t mean it should difficult to get around and tweak Minecraft.

Minecraft mods usually have each their own instructions for installation. You can watch the instructions closely and will also need to downgrade the version of the game for most of them – the best version that works is 1.7.10. You will be able to easily manage multiple mods with MultiMC.

If you do not want to waste time looking around through mods and installing each one of them, you can try a modpack. It will come with all preconfigured and preinstalled.

The best packs are:

Direwolf20 1.7.10 pack – this pack has a YouTube series that shows you how to use the mods it has included, or you can try Tekkit Pack.

Alternatively, you can use Curse Voice to make your own modpack, which would be perfect if you want to choose from the best mods we will feature in the future articles.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next Best Minecraft Mods series and get ready to spend hundreds of hours in the blocky game!

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