Best Minecraft Mods: Interface Mods

Last time we talked about Minecraft mods was when we explained how cool the blocky game is with much more items, content, awesome exploration worlds, automation and expansive mods. We also provided a short guide on how to install the mods.

Now we will begin our list to cover all you need to tweak the interface. Here are the top 5 interface mods (alphabetically ordered) for Minecraft.

Inventory Tweaks

Endless customization of the inventory sounds like the best option ever. And you get with this mod which can do more than that: when your tools run out of durability, they get replaced in the hotbar, stacks of blocks get refilled automatically, and with just a middle click you get to sort the inventory and your chests.

Not Enough Items (NEI)

That’s what we always say, right? It doesn’t add items though.

The mod remakes your inventory screen allowing you to look up the recipe for an item – even for items that are introduced through mods.


If you need a map in a game, then grab this mod which lets you see the world you have explored, add waypoints and warn you of mobs that sneak up to you. You have a fullscreen map and a mini-map, and you can even see it in on a web browser, outside of the game!


If your PC can support amazing graphic, then you must get Optifine. It adds HD textures and many options for graphics.

But if your PC is powered by hamsters, you should get Fastcraft. This will improve performance on toasters, especially when you already have many mods already installed.


This mod needs NEI to run. The name stands for “What Am I Looking At,” and it does what it says this time. It tells you what the block you point at is and from which mod it comes.

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