iPad Mini 5 Might Look Like The iPad Mini 4, A New Report Suggests

Mac Otakara, a Japanese online news portal centered on Apple and its products, suggests that the rumored iPad Mini 5 might have the same design as the iPad Mini 4, its predecessor. The information emerged thanks to some sources from the accessory makers market.

iPad Mini 4 launched in 2015 with Apple A8 Dual-Core CPU, 2 Gb of RAM, an 8-mp main camera, one 1.2-mp selfies camera, and 16/32/64/128 Gb of internal memory. Since 2015 when iPad Mini 4 rolled out, Apple hasn’t updated its iPad Mini series with a new tablet. Now, some rumors suggest that the Cupertino-based company would soon launch an iPad Mini 5.

But, according to Mac Otakara, the upcoming iPad Mini 5 might look like the iPad Mini 4, suggesting that Apple is not caring much about the future of its iPad Mini series, at least not as it regards the design. Besides, the same before-mentioned Japanese site said that the iPad Mini 5 would also pack lots of the features of its predecessor.

iPad Mini 5 Might Look Like The iPad Mini 4

As Mac Otakara reported, the rumored iPad Mini 5 would come with Touch ID, Lightning connector, and a headphone jack just like the iPad Mini 4. However, under the hood, it might equip the more recent Apple A10 Fusion or A10X Fusion chipsets.

At the moment we don’t know anything else about the iPad Mini 5, but if we were to believe Mac Otakars, iPad Mini 5 might look like iPad Mini 4 and might also come up with similar specs, besides the CPU.

Also, we have no clue when iPad Mini 5 would come out officially, but according to some rumors, the next tablet in Apple’s iPad Mini series might roll out later this year, most likely in September or October. iPad Mini 4 launched in September, by the way, so we should expect iPad Mini 5 to go live around the same period of 2019.

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