Brawl Stars Beginner Tips You Must Know Before Brawling

If you’re new to the Brawl Stars game and picked it up in the App Store or Google Play, then you’re probably looking for some tips before playing the game. Here are some handy tips you should know before battling against other Brawl Stars players.

Before we start this beginners’ top tips list, let’s make a roundup of the most important things in the game. Last week, the game was updated and introduced a new Brawler called Gene, which made quite a mess because of a buggy ability. However, don’t freak out – the Brawl Stars team worked it out in just one day and compensated players that were affected by it. This shows that the game is of high quality, and as popular as the other Supercell games – Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

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Brawl Stars Tips for Beginners

First of all, you must know what Brawlers are in the game and that each has certain abilities that are perfect in certain game modes. Check out this guide on which Brawlers are the best choice for beginners.

Once you made your mind about what Brawler you want to try, look at their abilities – their Super is always a deal breaker.

Shoot Wisely

Once you enter the game, the UI will show you above your brawler a green bar which is the health bar and an orange one which is the Ammo storage. Don’t worry about limited ammo – there is no such thing, but it does have a reload time after the maximum 3 attacks were used. Some Brawlers take more time to reload ammo, while others are much faster.

Learn to Play in Gem Grab

The Gem Grab event is a good game mode that will let you learn how to play Brawlers and cooperate with your team to win games. That’s where you will also learn about team synergy, and prepare for other events like Showdown or Heist.

Star Tokens and Boxes

Almost every ten hours, each first victory in each event will grant you star tokens. When you gather 10 star tokens, you get a Big Box as a reward. It’s best to play each day to get 10 star tokens – you will see five events in rotation once you unlock all events. Big boxes will offer more rewards and have a higher chance of unlocking Brawlers you don’t have yet.

Your token bank will store up to 200 tokens, and once you gather 100 tokens, you warn a free Brawl Box which is filled with coins, power points and maybe a new brawler. If you play many times during the day, you will get more Brawl Boxes.

Join a Club

Join a club in-game if you don’t have many friends in Brawl Stars or if you’re tired of playing with random players. Clubs are the place where you can talk with other players, learn more about tactics in the game, make new friends and team up.

Run for the Bushes!

Know when you need to retreat from combat – run to live another day! Hide in bushes to replenish your healing bar while you’re not attacked or attacking.

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