Clash Royale Rascals Card Fixed – Coming In This Week’s Update

A couple of days ago we talked about the balance update in Clash Royale, which introduced some nerf and buffs to a few cards.

We reported that some players had issues with Rascals in which the girls would land before the boy and die before actually doing any damage, while the tanky boy was behind. It seems that it really was a mistake, stated Seth on Twitter. So, the rascal girls didn’t rebel after all:

Great news! We were able to fix Rascals deployment so that the Boy lands first – big thank you to our gameplay engineer who burned some midnight oil to help make it happen. Boy lands first after the next maintenance break (hopefully this week)!

After Seth wrote the announcement, players on Twitter thanked the devs for fixing the problem. Meanwhile, others argued that in the description of the video on the balance update, it all sounded as if this glitch was actually an intended change. He replied that the issue wasn’t easy to fix and that the Girls deploying in front of the boy was not intended to happen:

It wasn’t a change of mind – I just edit spreadsheets and using the known parameters I couldn’t make the Boy deploy first. […] Its boring insider baseball stuff, but it took an engineer to figure it out.

I know it sounds silly, but it wasn’t that easy – when I tried to do it in spreadsheets, I had the Girls deploying actually in front of Boy. He showed me some parameters that have never been used before to make it work. This will also fix the King Tower splitting – Boy in front.

So now you have it, you should see the Rascals getting fixed in this week’s incoming update. Check back here or subscribe for more Clash Royale news to see what else will be introduced with this update.

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