Fortnite, The Popular Battle Royale Game, Attracted More Than 250 Million Players

Some may love Fortnite, while others might hate it, but no one can deny that this Battle Royale game has become a global juggernaut. Epic had recently announced that the game had managed to set a new record this week as more than 250 million accounts registered, up by 25% since December last year when there were 200 million Fortnite accounts.

When it comes to active players, Fortnite is still quite attractive, with a record of more than 10.8 million players active at the same time. The previous record was reached in February when 10.7 million people logged on to participate at the Marshmello in-game concert.

Some hoped that the release of Apex Legends would have a significant impact on the player base of Fortnite, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Fortnite reached a new milestone, but it’s still behind Minecraft as regarding monthly active players

It is also important to keep in mind that while Fortnite may be one of the most popular games in recent history, it is still behind Minecraft when we are looking at the number of monthly active players. Some sources claim that the sandbox title enjoys 91 million active players each month while Fortnite has reached only 78.3 million. These numbers are a bit old, so the balance of power may have changed in the meantime.

In a recent interview, Tim Sweeney, the chief of Epic Games, has stated that he is quite proud of the numbers achieved by the famous Battle Royale game. He also noted that Fortnite is the first online shooter with a female population of more than 35%, which is quite a feat for the genre.

During the Game Developers Conference 2019, Epic announced the introduction of a $100 million fund for developers. The company has received some flack in the last months after the release of the Epic Games Store. Many gamers are infuriated by the fact that Epic signed exclusivity deals with some game developers and their titles would not be available on Steam or other PC markets for at least one year.

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