UC Browser Is Available To Download With Improved Sharing Features

In this day and age, it is likely that you are using your smartphone to access the internet at least a few times each day. Most users will usually stick with Chrome, since it is the most well-known browser in the world, or with the default internet browser of every phone in part. Some will opt for alternatives, and among the best ones, there is UC Browser. Now, UC Browser came out with improved sharing features.

UC Browser is a free browser for Android devices. Designed with mobile devices in mind the browser offers a robust package of feature and functionalities, some of them being exclusive to the browser.

UC Browser Features

Here you can find some of the features which make it a popular choice for millions of users:

  • An improved browsing experience – The latest version of the browser uses a proprietary engine which can load pages faster and offers a better user experience.
  • A handy window mode – Keep that video running while you are answering a message, searching for something or browsing your email.
  • Blazing download speeds – By using high-quality servers, UC Browser can provide superior download speeds. If a download stops before it is finished, you will have the option to resume it instead of downloading the whole file again.
  • Fun Cricket features – UC Browser knows that you love Cricket and it comes with dedicated features for cricket fans. Check live matches, verify scores and access funny trivia with just a few taps.
  • Skip those annoying ads – A built-in ad block feature will keep those annoying ads away without the need to download and install an extension. It is also quite effective against pop-up pages.
  • A rich video library – Enjoy access to countless videos, movies and TV series, divided into several categories.
  • Remarkable Facebook Mode – This feature will increase the network speed even if you are in an area with poor signal coverage.
  • Keep your eyes safe with Night Mode – It will reduce the strain while enjoying content during the night.

What’s New In UC Browser

The latest UC Browser update comes with several performance fixes and improved sharing features. According to the official release note of the new UC Browser  update, it’s now more comfortable to share videos, files, and news with your contacts.

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