Yuumi Shows Up In LoL 9.10 PBE: Early Patch Notes Reveal The Champ’s Interactions and More

We’re all waiting for tomorrow’s 9.9 Patch to go live, so this can only mean that PBE also got updated in the meantime!

In today’s PBE, 9.10 has rolled out, revealing Yuumi’s interactions with other champs, the voiceover, and the cat’s release skin and its lore.

Check out everything we know about the newest PBE content, and remember that everything that enters League of Legends‘ PBE (especially balance changes) are subject to change.

Yuumi, The Cutest Support Ever

First things first, let’s see her interact with champions – the way it roasts Rakan is spectacular:

Yuumi is now in PBE and can be tested there, so whoever has a PBE account and wants to try out the newest support, can head to the PBE and see for themselves. You can check out this thread on the League Boards where it broadly explains how her abilities work and what items would work for her.

The release skin on the Magical Cat Yuumi is called Battle Principal Yuumi, and it has the following lore, according to Surrender at 20:

Following the disappearance of two principals, Yuumi has stepped in as the acting head of Durandal Academy until either individual can be found and re-instated. As a powerful channeler of magic, she uses the academic registry book as a focus object to generate apocalyptic levels of energy often while perched on a terrified student’s head.

Check out the entire lore of the Magical Cat Yuumi on the official League website.

Other than this adorable cat (that will soon become my main), here are the other things we saw coming to 9.10 PBE.

Champion Skins and Chromas

We get to see: Battle Academia Ezreal, Battle Academia Jayce, Battle Academia Katarina, Battle Academia Lux, Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition, and Battle Professor Graves.

Battle Principal Yuumi, Battle Professor Graves, Battle Academia Katarina, and Battle Academia Jayce will also receive sets of chroma, which are still a work on progress, added Riot Lexical on Twitter:

The 9.10 PBE cycle also brings a ton of icons along with the Battle Academia themed skins, and we will also see a lot of adorable Hype Pengu Emotes, four Yuumi emotes and a few more.

Wards will also get two new skins – Battle Academia Durandal Ward and Battle Academia Desk Ward.

New skin bios have also been introduced to 9.10 PBE for the following skin lines – Goth, Silver Age, Glacial, Battle Academia, Medieval, Rift Hospital.

As for balance changes, it is now too soon to report them, but check back here tomorrow for more updates!

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