League of Legends Patch 9.10 Thoughts and Future Changes

How are things in Patch 9.10 with all the changes introduced so far and with the new support champion? Looking at players’ reactions, we’ve seen that Yuumi’s impact in fights isn’t as significant as we’d want. With the mid-patch update, Riot buffed some of Yuumi’s skills and base stats – you can check it out here.

But what will change in the future League of Legends patches? In a quick gameplay thoughts thread in the Dev Corner, Meddler added some notes on the future of some champions, including other ideas that could come in PBE. Here are some of the things we should mention.

Future Changes in League of Legends

First of all, the next list is only a plan of what will be done in the future, but there is no guarantee that it will all make it to the live server.

ARAM Balance Changes

In his post, Meddler noted that players would see ARAM balance adjustments every few patches such as percentage of damage up or down, and other tweaks that won’t change a champion’s playstyle or timings. We won’t see changes in spell cooldowns, in CC duration, in dash ranges and so on.

Champions in the 9.10 Patch


The first champion that comes to mind is Yuumi, who was very weak in the beginning. According to LoLalytics, Yuumi’s win rate was 29.7%, which made it the second lowest in the game’s history. After the mid-patch buff, her win rate grew to 32.9%.

Meddler noted that they are now “waiting to see where that puts her in combination with the expected learning curve,” adding that they will “hold off until making any other changes this week at least then reassess after the weekend.”

In a comment, Meddler explained that internal testing on an improved version of Yuumi resulted in an extremely powerful support, and that’s why they were cautious on giving “Yuumi more safety given just how evasive her attach can make her when played well.”

Master Yi

Meddler considers Yi to be a little weaker in average and high skill games:

“Increasing the delta between his performance in those two contexts wasn’t a goal so we’re monitoring how that goes.”

They will wait and see how players adapt to it and then tweak it a little more.

Rageblade on Kog Maw

With the Rageblade getting changed, the team was waiting to see how much champions were affected, and the most impacted champion is Kog Maw. However, Meddler said that he is “doing reasonable” with the changed Rageblade, and haven’t yet planned to compensate Kog for it.

Wukong in PBE

The changes for Wukong are still a prototype, so we’ll see it changed in the months to come after it’s tested thoroughly in PBE. Meddler noted that they’ve received some good feedback and add a revised version of Wukong in PBE next week.

Expect to see the new Wukong go live after nearly two months or even more, as the changes will be in PBE for nearly 4 weeks, then “they’ll be taken off, and we’ll figure out whether to commit to making a more polished version of them or not,” explained Meddler.

In other comments, Meddler talked about Ryze and Teemo, and we should learn more about them in the next week.

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