League of Legends Patch 9.11 Goes Live on May 30: What to Expect?

The latest patch in League of Legends, patch 9.10 went live on May 14, introducing Yuumi, balance changes to champions, items and the Conqueror rune. Starting with the introduction of patch 9.10 to the live client, the PBE server received a new cycle of testing for patch 9.11.

Now that two weeks have passed after 9.11 was tested in PBE, it’s time to send it to the live servers! Get ready for Patch 9.11 which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, on May 30.

Before we get into these details, remember that these are not the official patch notes, but we will immediately add them in a new article as soon as they show up.

League of Legends Patch 9.11 Schedule

On the NA server status page, we learn that the patch 9.11 will roll out on May 30:

“On 05/30/19, starting at, 01:30 Pacific Time (08:30 UTC), ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 9.11. At 03:00 Pacific time (10:00 UTC), the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 3 hours.”

Check out the official website at the servers status page for the region’s maintenance time which can vary. For example, the time for EUW is 5:00 am (UK time), and for EUNE it is 3:00 am (CET).

The official patch notes are not yet ready, but we might see the following changes that were made in 9.11 PBE. Let’s check a summary of the changes below.

League of Legends Patch 9.11 – What to Expect?

The first thing you’ll notice is the Little Demon Tristana skin which will also come with 8 chromas.

We will see 16 new summoner icons for champions and three new ones with poros. The 9.11 patch will also introduce team pass icons, and a ton of new emotes, mostly featuring the LCS teams.

Expect to see the Battle Academy login theme, a college champion 2019 login theme, and the LCS login theme as well, since they were featured in 9.11 PBE.

Skin bios were also updated for various champions.

Balance Changes in 9.11

Akali’s nerf will remain, and Diana’s changes will only preserve the “Reveals FoW on missile tip” QoL change. Janna’s going to see a balance with lower CD on W and lower damage on it, and her E gets buffed, getting a new effect.

Galio (W and E), Jace (Q) and Karthus (R), Master Yi (attack speed, Q), Rammus (R) get nerfed.

Gragas (base stats) and Warwick (Q) get buffed.

Zac will show up with some nerf on the Q and W and will get back his old ultimate, bouncing again for 4 times.

Meanwhile, Malphite, Wukong, and Teemo will be tested in the next PBE cycle, so all the changes done so far in 9.11 PBE have been reverted to the live stats.

Check out more details about the latest changes to these champions on our League of Legends PBE page, where you can see in-depth stats getting tweaked for the likes of Akali, Galio, Master Yi, Zac and so on.

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