Teamfight Tactics Micropatch Goes Live – Spear of Shojin Fixed, More On TFT in 9.13 and 9.14

The last micropatch that went live in the League of Legends client for Teamfight Tactics includes a bugfix for Spear of Shojin, which generated way too much mana. It also came with a nerf on Pyke, and a buff for Yordles. Here are the new stats in the 9.13 Patch as posted in Riot August’s changelist on Twitter:


  • Pyke -> Stun Duration lowered from 2.5/3/3.5 to 2/2.5/3


  • Yordle -> Dodge Chance increased from 20/50% to 25/60%


  • Spear of Shojin -> Mana on-hit lowered from 20% to 15% (bugfix – the bug was causing Spear to grant 20% mana on-hit, while it was meant to only grant 15%)

Get ready for a lot of content in Patch 9.14 which should go live on July 17 (after 2 weeks of testing in PBE)!

All About the Future of TFT in the LoL Boards and Reddit AMA

According to a post from Riot MapleNectar in the LoL boards, dev corner, we saw a few essential details about the state of TFT right now and where it is heading.

Patch 9.13 – TFT Balance Changes and Fixes

“As we continue into this patch, and our Pre-Ranked Beta, we’ll be making swift adjustments and balance changes every few days as new things are discovered. By the time you read this, we’ll have already made adjustments to Garen, Yasuo, Morellonomicon, Kennen, the drop chances of all units, and more.”

He added that they will continue to fix any bugs that appear and keep on making adjustments so that TFT is in the “best possible state” when the season starts.

Patch 9.14 – Ranked And New Content

The first ranked season in TFT will be called Beta Season. It will let players join ranked queue in TFT and climb the ladder:

“Something worth noting is that while you can’t win every game of TFT, if you place in the Top 4 you’ll typically gain LP and move up in rank.”

As we predicted yesterday in our latest TFT update, the new champion that will come to TFT is Twisted Fate, who is a Pirate Sorcerer that should change how early game works if you want to go Pirates and change to Sorcerers for instance.

The Next Patches – New Origin Incoming

We plan on adding new content almost every patch. Our first new origin should be coming up quickly, opening up even more build paths and options for you to get crafty with.”

The end of the season should be in around 3 months, and after that, a second set will be releases, “which should kick off a whole new round of gameplay and excitement with new units and origins to shake up TFT!”

Questions about Item RNG, the UI, Rewards, Further Changes

Most of the things players have pointed out and the TFT dev team answered were he following:

1. Item RNG

TL;DR – more drops will be added, gold, XP or champs might also drop in 9.14

 “To be up front about this, we think RNG is good for Teamfight Tactics in the long term. It prevents every game from feeling the same, and makes high moments and stories when you happen to get everything you want.”

However, more changes will come soon, explained Riot MapleNectar:

“We’re still ironing out the exact details, but there’ll be more guaranteed drops. We’re also experimenting with dropping other things besides items, such as gold, XP, or even champs.”

2. The UI Info

TL;DR – patch 9.14 comes with a lot more info

Right now, the UI information is not helpful enough. However, this will change with Patch 9.14:

“Damage Meters, Stat panels for units, Streak Indicators, Item Previews from the inventory, adjustments to current UI placements, and much more. It’s a high priority, so you should expect the first round of UI updates to start rolling out in 9.14.”

3. Rewards from Playing TFT

TL;DR – more rewards coming to TFT

Apart from the new content already added like board skins and a free Little Legend, more rewards will come from playing TFT:

“We’ll be working on longer term progression plans for TFT. We’re also thinking about how we can best integrate Summoners Rift, ARAM, TT, and TFT into one cohesive experience when they all offer considerably different gameplay.”

Other Questions from the AMA Reddit on r/TeamfightTactics

  • Q: u/sequel – Do you have plans to add more tier 1 units?
  • A: u/RiotWittrockWe’re testing moving Elise to tier 1 for 9.14, to both curb some of the consistency of starring up tier 1 units, and broaden available early game strategies.
  • A: u/Riot_MapleWe’re doing a number of balance changes to our tiers and champions to encourage more strategic plays beyond high rolling for early 3 star 1 cost champs.
  • Q: u/fredy31 – Will there be more Board skins in the future?
  • A: u/Riot_MapleOh boy I can’t wait until we can show what we have cooking! Short answer is yes, we’re definitely looking at board skins in the future beyond just recolors!

Check out our TFT page for more Teamfight Tactics news, guides, builds and cheat sheets! Also, stay up to date with all things League of Legends here!

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