WhatsApp adds a new setting for ignoring conversations

WhatsApp is testing a new setting called Read Later, this being an improvement to the archived chats option, the new interpretation allowing you to ignore conversations, temporarily or permanently.

In its current form, chat sessions archived on WhatsApp work similarly to email messages, in the sense that they are not deleted, but once they are archived they remain hidden until that person decides to send you a new message. But the strategy does not work exactly well for chat sessions in which participants constantly send messages, the attempt to archive the conversation being doomed to failure.

This is where Read Later comes in, the new WhatsApp setting allowing the temporary or permanent stopping of message notifications newly appeared in the WhatsApp discussions we are following. As the name suggests, you can choose to read the newly posted messages later, or not at all, if you find the discussion uninteresting. In any case, the decision to read the messages remains a purely deliberate action. Once checked using the Read Later option, discussions on WhatsApp will no longer trigger notification alerts and will not appear in the message inbox, remaining archived in the application history.

Specifically, the Read Later option differs from the Mute function, already present in the mobile application, by the fact that it does not permanently block that user. His messages still arrive, only they are not announced to you in any way, it remains to be decided later whether you want to read them or not.

In order to benefit from the newly added functionality, you may first need to check the availability of the latest version of WhatsApp in the Play Store, or the AppStore.

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