The Top Calendar Applications to Help You Stay Organized

The Top Calendar Applications to Help You Stay Organized

Here are the top calendar applications to help you stay organized…

Just having a calendar can change your life in many ways. It will help you not miss your appointments and meetings and make your life less hectic. Having all your appointments and meetings on your calendar will free up your brain to make it work on the more critical tasks. It is quite easier to manage digital calendars than paper ones. This website will give you the best calendar applications to use. 

Google Calendar 

The Google Calendar is a dependable calendar application that aims to integrate with most productivity applications. It works across many platforms, and it is one of the default calendar applications on Android gadgets and acts on IOS devices. It is very simple to come up with new events on the calendar whether you’re using a computer or your mobile phone, and you can always synchronize your events in whatever time zone you find yourself in. If you’re using Gmail, then the Google Calendar can create events automatically based on some of the emails you receive. 

Apple Calendar 

If you are an Apple enthusiast, then this is the best calendar for you. The calendar will keep all the events you have synchronized across your Apple Watch, Mac, I fan, and whatever Apple device you have. 

It has all the features you expect, which are also integrated with Siri, making you add events using your own words. 

Outlook Calendar 

The application is a decent calendar. Most institutions and companies use it, and that is one of the main advantages of the application. It is a solid application that lets you create events and reminds us that it can also help you view multiple calendars at a good. It doesn’t have all the fancy or additional features because it’s just a calendar in the way it’s supposed to be. If you want a basic calendar that will help you keep track of all your events and meetings, the outlook calendar is the best option. 


The application will help you schedule your meetings without exchanging a lot of emails. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or a student, but you must understand that scheduling meetings are among the last things. You can go weeks sending emails to find the perfect time that works for both parties, and you may end up forgetting why you wanted even to meet. SavvyCal is the solution to this. The application will synchronize your Google Calendar to always update your availability for the meetings. 

If you want to schedule a meeting, you will send a link having all day available times that you have then the recipient from the other end will pick the time which will work best for their allocation. When they schedule the meeting, it will automatically get synchronized to both calendars from your side and the other persons.  The main difference between the application with other scheduling apps is that it will overlay the recipient’s calendar to your scheduling page. That will speed up the schedule because a patient will not have to go back and forth to check all the available times. 

Fantastical 2

It is a multilingual Apple calendar app that is located on an Apple Watch, and it is among the best ones in the market. In case you are looking for an alternative calendar application, check out this one. Its main strength is the integration it has with the Apple ecosystem, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using an Apple product; it will always stay synchronized. 

The application has I processing powerful languages, which will let you create your events quickly whether you’re moving or seated. You can also set up your reminders, which will allow you to get the reminders when you are in a particular location known as a geofenced remainder. The application can also integrate with Google Calendar, outlook calendar, and I cloud, among other apps. It is localized for French, English, Spanish, Japanese, German and Italian, making it the best one for multilingual users.  

My Study Life 

It is a calendar application that is built for students to help them in scheduling their events. The application is specifically built for students, and it has got some features that are not visible in other scheduling applications. 

As a starter, the application has smart features that will help students maintain going to the classes or keep up with extracurricular activities. If you have a varying schedule of classes within the week, the application will account for that, and it will ensure that you don’t forget or miss a class. You also have a special section that you can use to schedule your exams. The application will also synchronize your schedule on your devices and can also work offline. Therefore, that means that you always keep track of all your classes or assignments whether you are connected to the Internet or are far away from the reach of people.  Students can therefore download the application and enjoy all the features that come along with it.

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