Google Home Hub – How To Get A Smarter Home

Having a smart home console is becoming a trend, and it’s no surprise as to why that is. The idea is pretty exciting. Having a little screen to turn lights off and on or turn on the TV and even see who’s knocking on your door. Let’s face it; it would be a really cool thing.

So, what are you saying?

We are saying that this is what Google promises with its Home Hub. For only $150, Google’s Home Hub is an excellent gadget that comes out of the box as a lovely tablet on a beautiful stand.

What does it come with?

This device has a base with included speakers which might not fully satisfy you with music playing, but for Youtube videos, it will more than do its job.

Its device measures 7 inches, and while it doesn’t come with extraordinary image quality, its new Ambient EQ function will be able to adjust to your lightning, creating a screen more analog-looking.

If you are usually paranoid about surveillance, then rest assured because it doesn’t come with a camera. So no video calls, but we don’t think that you would have liked to anyway.

So, what is it good for?

Well, it depends. Some people use the Home Hub as a great way of turning down the lights or checking the weather forecast. Others find it an incredible way of looking at recipes. There are even some people that use it as a limited browser for checking Google News headlines or make appointments inside the Google Calendar.

Did you say recipes?

Yes, we did. Apparently, a lot of people think that this device is excellent for cooking. Just say ‘Hey Google’ and you can ask it to pull up almost any recipe you think of. Isn’t that convenient?

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