How to Put Your iPhone on Speaker

Let’s face it: people don’t like to talk on the phone as they did back in the old days. But guess what? It’s totally understandable! Nowadays, we have so many forms of entertainment around us that we often forget about remaining close to our friends and family.

Apple is notorious for creating some of the best smartphones on the market. We’re obviously talking about iPhones, the devices that many of those who are passionate about smartphones are crazy about.

Being engaged in a phone call from your iPhone 14, for instance, can be a bit frustrating if you also want to do something else simultaneously. Whether you prefer playing a game or scrolling through Google News as you talk to a good friend of yours on the phone, activating the speaker will make the process a lot easier for you. Believe it or not, there are still people out there who don’t know how to put their smartphone on the speaker, so we’re here to save the day!

Let’s find out how you can put your iPhone on speaker, shall we?

To put your iPhone on speaker, you have two ways of doing so: activating the speaker during a call or setting your device to automatically use the speakerphone mode for all of the calls that you initiate.

Method 1 – Accessing Speaker Phone on an Active Call:
  1. Open the Phone app on your iPhone and make a call by dialing a number or selecting a contact from your list.
  2. Once the call is connected, a set of options will emerge on your screen, including a speaker icon.
  3. Tap the “Speaker” button located at the top right corner of the screen to activate the speakerphone feature.
  4. Ensure that the speaker icon is highlighted, indicating that the audio is now being amplified through the speaker.
  5. Adjust the volume using the volume buttons on your device to control the sound level during the call.

To disable the speakerphone, all you need to do is simply tap the highlighted speaker button again.

Method 2 – Setting Speakerphone as the Default:

If you regularly use the speakerphone feature and want it to be the default option for all calls, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Accessibility.”
  3. Under the “Physical and Motor” section, select “Touch.”
  4. Scroll down and choose “Call Audio Routing.”
  5. From the options provided, select “Speaker.”

By setting the call audio routing to the speaker, your iPhone will automatically use the speakerphone for all calls unless you choose a different audio output option during an active call.

You must remember to adjust the volume settings according to your preferences to ensure clear communication.

My iPhone’s speaker doesn’t work – what to do?

If your iPhone’s speaker doesn’t work, there’s no use starting to despair, even if you’ve followed all the steps mentioned above! Hardware or software issues, or both, could be causing your iPhone’s speaker to malfunction.

To resolve potential software-related complications, consider the following methods:

Update Your iPhone’s Software

If you haven’t updated your iPhone in a while, it’s possible that certain features, such as the speakerphone, may not be functioning correctly.

To update your device, head over to the Settings app and select “General.” Locate the “Software Update” option at the top of the screen and tap on it to access a new page. From there, choose “Download and Install” to acquire the latest update.

Restart the iphone

Also, sometimes a simple restart can resolve issues with your iPhone’s speakerphone caused by minor software glitches. To restart, you need to press and hold the power button until the power off option appears on your screen. Then, select “Restart” to turn off and subsequently restart your Apple device.

Depending on the model of your iPhone, you may need to hold a specific combination of buttons. For instance, on an iPhone 13, simultaneously press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons to prompt the “Slide to power off” option.

By implementing these potential solutions, you increase the likelihood of restoring the functionality of your speakerphone.

Pretty much any mobile phone out there, even some non-smartphones, offers the user the chance to activate the speaker. Therefore, speakers on iPhones don’t represent anything new, but they can be extremely useful for those situations when we are ‘forced’ to maintain a call with that uncle we can’t stand.

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