Fashion Designer Julia Haart’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Make?

Julia Haart is a well-known fashion designer who once held the position of chief executive officer of the media group Elite World Group. She was also the creative director of the Italian luxury business La Perla, in addition to owning a namesake shoe brand and serving in that capacity. “My Unorthodox Life,” a documentary miniseries that can be viewed on Netflix, follows Haart as she discusses her choice to leave the New York City Haredi Jewish community she had been a part of. What is Julia Haart’s annual salary, and what is her current net worth?

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Julia Haart’s Net Worth

After quitting the Haredi community in 2013, Haart immediately dove headfirst into the professional realm of fashion. During this time period, she established the shoe brand that bears her name. Haart’s net worth has stayed high despite the fact that she had gone through the process of divorcing her husband. She currently resides in a luxury mansion in Tribeca that cost $52 million. Therefore, it is believed that her net worth is 600 million dollars.

Although the Haart family’s earnings from their TV appearances have not been made public, it is reasonable to assume that they are rather substantial based on what other TV celebrities make. For example, if we look at how much The Kardashians makes every episode, which is $900,000, we can guess that the Haart family’s TV profits amount to a fairly huge number of money.

Julia, despite having a high-powered career, managed to find the time to write her book, which is titled Brazen. Her “double life” and her “journey through an era of ‘no’ to an one of ‘yes'” are both detailed in the autobiography she wrote. Her journey through life is truly remarkable, and all of us might stand to learn something from the challenges she overcame.

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