Make Your Own Spotify Pie Chart; See How

One of the best things about Spotify is the yearly Spotify Wrapped report, which provides an in-depth examination of our listening habits. But as the year progresses, this function loses its ability to remember your musical preferences. Also, we have to wait so much for the Spotify Wrapped to be available! If you can’t wait till December to have your Spotify Pie Wrapped, why not make your own?!

So, let’s go straight into creating your own Spotify pie chart.

Spotify’s Custom Pie Chart Editor: How to Make Your Own?

If you use the “your Pie Spotify website,” generating an overview of your monthly music consumption is as simple as clicking a few buttons. You’ll see for yourself if you follow the simple instructions we’ve laid down below:

1) Visit the Spotify Pie website and locate the big green Login To Spotify button.

2) You’ll have to connect to your Spotify account and give the Spotify Chart creator permission to access specific data in your Spotify account. After you’ve done that, you’ll be sent to Spotify’s customized chart maker.

3) After a short wait (only a few seconds), your personalized genre analysis will load. Just below the graph, you’ll see a list of the many musical subgenres to which you’ve been listening. How cool was that?!

What Is a Spotify Pie Chart Anyway?

Darren Huang, a software aficionado, created the third-party program Spotify Pie Chart. Based on the user’s preferences, which are calculated by advanced algorithms, a detailed analysis of the musical genres and performers they appreciate is offered. Although it is definitely not a Spotify-endorsed product, it integrates smoothly with the Spotify platform.

Before we end, try this: make the browser window as large as possible, and scroll the genre chart to span the full screen, which will maximize the effectiveness of the visualization. You’ll be genuinely surprised by how many different kinds of music you’ve listened to so far. Relax and enjoy!

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