Watch NHL Games Online for FREE: What Are the Best Streaming Services to Use?

Have you recently got involved in hockey, or do you just like to keep an eye on the most important NHL games? Either way, we’re here to provide you with a little list of some of the most immersive streaming websites that can offer you such content! However, you must beware that accessing them could lead to some legal consequences, depending on the country you are located. You will eventually choose to use the streaming platforms mentioned here at your own risk!

Sports streaming websites don’t represent anything new, as the internet is teeming with them. But it can turn out to be quite difficult to figure out which are the best ones for a particular sport. You know the drill by now: the first results that appear in Google search results are not always the best, and your best friend’s opinion isn’t always the best, either. People are subjective; we all know that. And we all are subjective because nobody’s perfect.

Feel free to grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down these interesting streaming websites that offer NHL games:


CrackStreams classifies as an aggregator platform, and many people usually don’t remain disappointed by its streaming content. There are lots of NHL games to choose from, and there are multiple streaming sources available. In other words, CrackStreams will provide several links for each hockey game that can interest the fans. In this way, alternatives will also be there just in case something goes wrong with one of the links.

There are also real-time updates for the streaming links that CrackStreams provides, which is great in case someone doesn’t want to deal with significant delays.

Ads can indeed turn out to be annoying on CrackStreams, but hey, how else can a free platform make money to sustain itself? Just cut those guys some slack!


Cricfree has lots of NHL games that are up to watch, but that’s not all. This platform offers access to other sports as well, which is amazing. Seriously, is there any person out there who likes just a single sport? Probably not.

For each NHL game that Cricfree offers, there will be more than one streaming link available. The website’s layout is also very deductible and easy to handle.

You might have already guessed that the streaming quality is not always great on Cricfree, which is somewhat normal since the platform offers external links.

Yahoo Sports

Who said that Yahoo doesn’t know how to establish a powerful streaming service for those who are passionate about sports? Yahoo Sports is the kind of program that can make your dreams come true!

Yahoo Sports not only offers streaming for NHL games. It will also provide news and analysis for you to understand those games a lot better. If you’re in the betting business, analyzing sports games in general is a ‘must’ to increase your chances of winning.

There’s even a mobile app available for Yahoo Sports so that you will easily get to watch your favorite NHL games from anywhere.


SportRAR is another interesting platform, and it has enough links to keep the fans busy for entire nights with NHL games. Sports events from all parts of the globe are available on SportRAR, and the simple navigation that the layout offers makes it very easy for anyone to find the right content that suits their needs and wishes.

SportRAR also has some ads from time to time, as you know what they say that you can’t possibly have them all in life. However, the user interface remains clean enough, as the ads will likely allow the fans to be able to watch their favorite content.


Feed2All stands firm as another powerful streaming website, while it doesn’t only focus on hockey games. There are other sports available on this platform as well, and the fans can watch them from just about anywhere. From the moment a sports fan accesses Feed2All, he can choose from multiple sports categories to find what truly interests him.


MamaHD also does great when it comes to NHL streaming, but it can provide fans with other sports as well. In other words, anybody who likes sports could probably find something interesting to watch on this platform. The streaming options are even available in multiple languages, so there’s no use to give up if you don’t know English.

There will be some ads from time to time on MamaHD, but trust us, they are more than tolerable! The user-friendly design and layout will probably make many addicted to the website.


Live NHL TV does great when it comes to streaming hockey games, and the straightforward layout won’t leave the fans wondering how to handle the platform. They’ll rapidly find anything they need, and trust us, Live NHL TV is teeming with hockey games that the fans can watch anytime they want!

There’s no subscription required to enjoy the best of what this platform has to offer, although the ads could turn out to be a challenge. But hey, they have to make some bucks somehow, so maybe you can’t blame them!

Since geo-blocks could make certain websites inaccessible in your country, installing and using a VPN service can solve this problem. Free VPNs are usually not good enough since they provide limited traffic per day, but that changes if you opt for a paid subscription. And if you want to use streaming websites, trust us, you will always need unlimited traffic!

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