Samsung TV Screen Remains Blank When Turning On: How to Fix the Problem

We get it: you’ve finally decided to buy yourself a Samsung TV. Even though you usually don’t watch TV, surely you are excited by the idea of playing a game like GTA 5 or PUBG on such a display. But a while after you use the Samsung TV, whether it’s for gaming or to watch your favorite movies on it, the display might remain blank after you turn on the device.

First and foremost, we need to understand that such a technical issue occurs because of a faulty power supply, a malfunctioning display panel, or a backlight issue. Learning how to solve the issue of the blank display usually isn’t hard at all. All you need to do is carefully follow a few possible fixes, one at a time, and your Samsung TV should be back to normal in no time.

Check the connections and power supply

You must make sure that the TV gets power by simply checking if the power indicator light is on. You have to verify if all cables, including the power cord, as well as any HDMI or other input cables, are securely connected to the TV and its power source. Even a loose cable connection can cause the display to turn black.

Check for backlight issues

While the TV screen is powered on, just simply shine a flashlight on it. The backlight TV might represent the problem, and you will know that for sure if a faint image or menu items appear. If that’s the case, the backlight might need to be replaced. At the same time, you can consider consulting a professional technician.

Adjust the contrast and brightness settings

Simply head over to the display settings of the TV from its menu. By simply adjusting the contrast and brightness settings, the screen display could benefit as well.

Try a different source

You need to check if the issue is specific to one input or if it affects all of the sources. For that, feel free to switch to a different input source, such as HDMI1, HDMI1, or TV.

Unplug and wait

Completely unplug the TV from the wall outlet and wait for several minutes. Plug it back, and to your amazement, this simple measure can reset the TV and solve some of its minor issues, including the display turning blank.

Update the software

Outdated software can generally cause technical problems for lots of devices, and smart TVs are no exception to the rule. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to make sure that your Samsung TV is running the latest software version in order to benefit from the best possible protection.

If none of the methods exposed above solves your problem, you can also always consider performing a factory reset. However, you must keep in mind that such a measure will reset settings to their default values, meaning that you will have to establish them the way you want once again after and if your blank screen problem has gone away.

If not even the reset settings option does the trick for you, it’s time to opt for the most logical option: choosing professional repair. Therefore, if your TV is still covered by warranty, you can contact Samsung customer support. If the TV is not under warranty anymore, you will have to consult a professional TV repair technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

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