Netflix in Canada: How Much Does It Cost?

For a lot of people out there, Netflix is the bee’s knees when it comes to streaming their favorite content online. Surely, there are both pros and cons, as many of those who dislike the service complain that it doesn’t offer access to many of the old and classic movies released decades ago.

Some people don’t look beyond Netflix and are not interested in Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, or any other streaming service. Netflix is all they need, and who are we to blame them?

There are three different subscriptions that Netflix has to offer for those who are willing to use the service from Canada. There is an option containing ads, the cheapest one. If you want to use the service without those annoying ads, you will have to pay for it.

The Netflix Standard with Ads subscription

The Standard subscription plan of Netflix is the cheapest one that the service has to offer for its Canadian customers. It costs them CAD$5.99 per month, and as you’ve already guessed, it comes along with some annoying ads (what a tautology, right?).

Users who will choose this subscription plan will get the chance to watch the content they want on two devices simultaneously if that’s what they want. They can’t download anything, and the streaming quality is HD.

The Netflix Standard subscription

The Standard subscription that Netflix has to offer for Canada costs CAD$16.49 per month, and compared to the first subscription plan, it allows users to download the movies and shows they want. The streaming quality is also HD, and users can watch their favorite content on two devices at the same time. As you’ve already guessed, this plan doesn’t include ads.

The Netflix Premium subscription

Those who are using Netflix in Canada also have the chance to get their hands on the Premium subscription, which is available for a monthly fee of CAD$20.99. Paying this money will allow them to have access to Ultra HD streaming, while they can watch the movies and shows they like on up to 4 devices at the same time.

Can you get Netflix for free?

While Netflix usually costs money, it is possible to get your hands on an account without having to pay for it. No, we’re not suggesting that you can ask a good friend for his password, as everybody knows about that method. Furthermore, Netflix doesn’t allow its users anymore to share their passwords with another person who doesn’t live in the same household as them.

There are companies out there that are glad to offer you a free Netflix account once you become their client. One of those companies is T-Mobile.

Otherwise, Netflix doesn’t offer a free trial period anymore, which is a move that many didn’t agree with. However, Netflix can do whatever it wants with its own service, whether we like it or not. The company is benefiting from its imposing notoriety, as there’s no use for it to bring a trial period anymore.

It’s interesting that in its primal phases, Netflix was just a mail-based rental business. Slowly but surely, it became a streaming service giant that many people use nowadays, and there are no signs that its popularity is going down.



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