YouTube Alternatives: Here Are the Best Streaming Websites!

While everybody surely knows about YouTube nowadays, as the platform has become even more popular than many people expected, we can safely say that there are also plenty of alternatives out there as well. However, a lot of folks believe that the world ends with YouTube, which is very far from the truth.

It also needs to be said that YouTube loses a lot of ground to TikTok, as more and more people prefer to watch videos that last only half a minute than what YouTube has to offer. But nobody can deny that you can learn a lot of useful stuff from YouTube, such as cooking, web development, coding, video editing, and a lot more. Therefore, finding streaming platforms similar to YouTube can be extremely useful for just about any netizen.


If you are willing to explore and share countless videos from a wide range of topics, it means you should definitely give Dailymotion a try. This French video-sharing platform represents one of the largest video platforms in the world, as it attracts millions of people each and every month.

On Dailymotion, you can delight your eyes with professional content that media companies have produced, while you can even opt for content generated by creative or less creative users.


If you’re a gamer and you’re willing to learn from the gameplay of others, it means that Twitch is the right platform for you. However, we need to keep in mind that this platform is not dedicated exclusively to gamers, as it also includes content such as music, talk shows, and art. Twitch allows users to interact with content creators in real time, which means that it’s also possible to make new friends there.

If you’re willing to support content creators on Twitch, it’s also possible to make donations or make a subscription.


BitChute is another interesting peer-to-peer video-sharing platform that adds a focus on decentralization and freedom of speech. This website is often perceived as a great alternative to YouTube for those creators who have been demonetized or censored on mainstream platforms. On BitChhute, users are free to upload, share, and find relevant videos to them without having to face strict content guidelines.


PeerTube also deserves a place in this list because it represents another decentralized video hosting platform that relies on peer-to-peer technology. PeerTube is also an open-source project that allows users to host their own instance of PeerTube, giving them the opportunity to create a network of interconnected video platforms.

PeerTube adds emphasis on user control, privacy, as well as freedom from algorithmic manipulation.


Vimeo is considered by many as the number one alternative to YouTube, and for good reasons. Vimeo is known for offering high-quality content, and it has a rich history behind it, as we’re talking about one of the oldest video-sharing platforms on the internet.

Vimeo is highly popular among artists, filmmakers, and professionals because of its focus on creativity and artistic expression. Vimeo is known for offering both free and paid accounts, and the paid options obviously offer more quality, such as more features and storage.

The platforms mentioned above represent just a few possible examples when it comes to suitable alternatives to YouTube, as many more could be added to the list.

How about telling us about your own favorite alternatives to YouTube? The comment section awaits you!

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