Providing Lessons on YouTube Can Generate You More Money Than Private Lessons

Let’s say you’re a math teacher, and you can no longer find young students in your town who are interested in getting private lessons for you. Surely such private lessons were generating some substantial extra money for you, as teaching your lessons only at the school can’t be enough.

Instead of complaining that nobody wants to learn math anymore, as the vast majority of young students are more interested in flippant activities such as scrolling through TikTok and Instagram, there are solutions to this problem. Guess which is the video streaming platform that’s teeming with teachers providing their lessons on just about any field you can imagine, from math to playing the piano or cooking? That’s right: YouTube! Guess why so many people are piling up to provide their lessons on YouTube? Surely, most of them are passionate individuals, but money is also a strong incentive.

It may come as a surprise to many that providing your lessons on YouTube, regardless of the domain you’re covering, can be more financially beneficial than private lessons. At the same time, it can also be more efficient. Let’s find out why:

Patience is crucial

You can’t start earning money right away on YouTube, so patience is crucial. You need to gather at least 500-1000 subscribers before you can monetize your content. The best way to gather those subscribers is easy: keep providing regular and good-quality content for your channel so that those who watch it will have more and more confidence in your skills. Be sure to provide error-free content, and you can even mention sources in your videos. Only those channels that provide constant material that people find useful will be monetized. But surely, if you build a channel based on your own passion as a teacher, it’s impossible not to achieve success on YouTube as well.

How much can you earn on YouTube from your lessons?

As a teacher who’s willing to share lessons on YouTube, whether it’s about math, physics, programming, guitar lessons, or anything else, you can earn more than you do with private lessons. It’s difficult to mention specific numbers when it comes to how much you can earn, as it all depends on your number of followers. The more people watching your videos, the better. For extra cash, you can even opt for partnerships on the platform with various companies.

On YouTube, you can also earn money through ad revenue. In other words, ads displayed on your videos can generate you money. How much you can earn from ad revenue depends on various factors, such as the geographic location of your audience, the number of views, as well as the subject matter of your videos.

The fact is that you can certainly make more money on YouTube than you do with private lessons, as long as you have lots of people looking at your videos.

To give you some numbers, a person who has 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, for instance, could earn anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars each month only from ad revenue.

Try to be funny in your videos

Even though you’re willing to teach a super interesting and crucial subject such as physics, for instance, nobody likes to see a grumpy fellow who’s also mad that the world neglects his domain. Nobody even cares how right you are if you’re mad, either! Therefore, don’t be afraid to crack a few light jokes in your videos as you present your lessons in a relaxed and jovial way, as long as you don’t become ridiculous, of course.

One good example is the Romanian physicist Cristian Presura. He won the Romanian Academy for the best book entitled “Fizica Povestita.” The man is well-known for his attempt to try to make science popular in videos on YouTube, as he explains difficult concepts in easy and often funny ways.

You can schedule when your videos will be published

Instead of working almost daily on your videos to record and edit them, why not simplify the whole process by scheduling when such videos will be posted at a later date? Therefore, you can work on a single day to make and edit 4 videos and schedule them to be posted over the course of 4 weeks, for instance.

Social apps can also help

If you don’t find a good justification for social apps such as TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram, now’s the chance to reconsider! People also promote educational and scientific content through such platforms, although it’s true that the vast majority use those apps for more insignificant purposes. Guess what? You can use such apps for yourself by growing your YouTube channel’s audience!

Don’t forget about the video editing part!

As much as you probably hate the idea of video editing, as you could say that it makes people hide their flaws, guess what? You can use it to your own advantage! Instead of cutting parts of your video, you can still use video editing programs such as Shotcut, Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora, and many others to insert specific parts in your video, such as promoting other videos of yours.

You got the main idea: you can definitely make enough money on YouTube to quit your private lessons, and there are strong advantages to promoting your content on the platform for many people to watch it. Besides the financial incentive, isn’t it a lot more tempting to share your knowledge with the entire world than with just a few students during your private lessons?

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