Toronto and Vancouver officially in the Overwatch League

Toronto and Vancouver are among the six new franchises to join the Overwatch League, the professional electronic games league created by Blizzard Entertainment Studio. These are the first two cities in Canada to formally join this league.

The Overwatch League, where competitors compete in the popular game Overwatch, announced the arrival of these two new franchises, in addition to those of Chengdu and Hangzhou, China, Paris and Washington. The six new teams will join the league in 2019 and bring the total number of teams to 20.

The acquirer of the Vancouver franchise is the Aquilini Group, which already owns the Vancouver Canucks, the National Hockey League (NHL), and their arena, the Rogers Arena.

The Overwatch League has just completed its first official season, and according to the Blizzard studio, fans have watched 160 million hours of competition in this online video game.

This electronic sports league has adopted the model of franchises , a structure reminiscent of those of major professional sports. It hopes to redefine e-sport away from its traditional formula where teams are sponsored by technology companies.

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