Minecraft 1.76 Version Brings New Patch Notes and Additions

The Aquatic update for Minecraft was finally released, and it comes with several new additions. The update was available for the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, as well as Sony consoles such as the PS3, PS Vita, and the PS4. The Sony consoles were the first ones to receive it, and the update was previously available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, as well as on PC.

Patch Notes

You can check out the official website in order to see all the details for this update. You should know that the Aquatic update comes with some new blocks: Prismarine Slabs, Sea Turtle Eggs, Stripped Logs, Blue Ice, Prismarine Stairs, Dried Kelp, Sea Pickles and Coral. There is also a block named Conduit, which offers a strong Status Effect for underwater players.

There are also six new trophies, and new Arrows and Potions. The update also comes with Cold Ocean, Lukewarm and Warm biomes. World generation now has Shipwrecks, Underwater Ruins, Coral Reefs, Icebergs, Underwater Caves/Ravines, and Buried Treasure.

Players also receive Tridents, and these come with their own enhancements: Impaling, Channeling, Riptide, and Loyalty. You will also notice some new items, such as Heart of the Sea, Nautilus Shell, Scute, Phantom Membrane, Dried Kelp, Fish Buckets and Turtle Shell Helmet

Tired players will be hunted by a mob named Phantom. There is also a mob called Sea Turtle which travels all around the world, but comes back home. Players will also receive some help from a mob named Dolphin. A monster named Drowned will attack anyone who gets on its territory.

Bubble Columns can drag mobs and players under, but they can also push them up to surface. They are created by Soul Sand or underwater Magma. There are also 2700 types of Tropical fish, as well as Cod, Salmon and Pufferfish.

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